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Life in Djibouti

No description

Mary Insalaco

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Life in Djibouti

The capital of Djibouti
The Capital of Djibouti is Djibouti City.
As you can see Djibouti life is hard and I think that the people in America have it better than we do but we do appreciate what we are given. So if you have a lot of stuff that you take for granted don't ,appreciate what you have for other people may not have what you have.
Thank you
Some facts about my country
Cattle were tamed in Djibouti 3,500 years ago
Djibouti is a passage way to Africa
Djibouti was known as French somaliland from 1896 to 1967
What I use to pay for food
Who am I
I am a Djibouti citizen and Live in Djibouti city. My name is Sophie. I hope you enjoy my presentation over Djibouti
Life in Djibouti
My morning in Djibouti
My morning goes like this I get up and go to work. My job, I work for a refugee camp and I give food to the camp and right now it is home to 1,600 people.
How many people actually live in a house.
Only about 30% of Djibouti actually live in a house, and this is what the house usually looks like.
Now you will do a KAHOOT to see what you remember about Djibouti

Predicting 5 years in the future
I think that in 5 years things might change a little maybe we might get some more technology. I hope that it won't be so rough in Djibouti like it is now.
In Djibouti they use Djiboutian Franc
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