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GoPro Management 316

No description

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of GoPro Management 316

What I Found
Little Information
Few Donations
Foxconn in China

Chapter 4
Environment, Innovation, and Sustainability
Specific Environment
Core competency - engaging customers
Strategic intent - to help people capture and share their lives most meaningful experiences with others
Porter’s five forces
Personal Action Video Cameras
Founded 2004
San Mateo, CA

What Employees Say
Lots of Relationship Politicking
No Share of Profit
Ignore Labor Law & Discrimination Concerns
“Insults and Disrespect”
General Environment
Offshoring used in production of cameras.
Technological Conditions
Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
Chapter 3
Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 10
Strategy and Strategic Management
Competitive Advantage
Strategic Management
Essentials of Strategic Management
Chapter 11
Organization Structure and Cultures
Functional Organizational Structure
Simple structure
High specialization
High control frame
Focus on single product
Why Functional?
Small company
One product many applications
People with certain expertise
Same sales approach all over the world
Chapter 12
Organization Culture and Change
What is Culture?

The system of shared beliefs and values that shapes and guides the behavior of its members.

Types of Culture
Observable Culture
Core Culture
Working at GoPro: Pros
Considerate employees
Free snacks and drinks in kitchen
Good brand image
Cool product
Outsiders are impressed by your job
Free camera at orientation
Working at GoPro: Cons
Managers pick favorite employees
Low pay if you’re not in high demand
No Christmas gifts
Managers aren’t involved
Corporate feel
GoPro Company Culture
Works too hard to maintain image
Should focus more on employees
Startup environment with hierarchy

Conclusion: negative company culture

The End
Corporate/business strategy- no real differentiation

Focused differentiation- unique product to a special market segment
Portfolio planning - cash cow
Strategy Formation
What The Company Says
No Communication
No Press Releases
Product Innovation
Designed Original Camera for Durable, outdoor, waterproof shock resistant use
Process Innovation or Business Model?
Use of user’s own videos as main form of advertising

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