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Copy of Chapters 7 and 8 of Jose Rizal

This presentation presents the chapters 7 and 8. Jose Rizal's life in ateneo municipal up to his college days to UST.

April Manlongat

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Chapters 7 and 8 of Jose Rizal

Thank you for your attention! Bachiller en artes Atenean Education Chapter 7:
Entered Ateneo Municipal when he was barely
11 years old.
4 months after the execution of Gomburza.
Was not sent to Colegio de San Jose because of
Paciano's unhappy experience.
Also Known as "Escuela Pia".
Rival of Colegio de San Juan de Letran.
The most prestigous college for boys.
Rizal took the entrance examination at Colegio de
San Juan de Letran in June 10, 1872.
The exam covered reading, arithmetic, and Catholic
The school was under the Dominicans.
after passing the exam, Rizal took an admission
exam at Ateneo Municipal.
was denied for two reasons: Late registration and
frail and undersized body for his age.
Father Magin Fernando denied Rizal.
Manuel Burgos, the school registrar admitted Rizal.
Rizal did not used the surname "Mercado". Overview: Ateneo Municipal Enrollment at Ateneo Formal Search for Knowledge
at Ateneo Municipal a 6-year program of the Ateneo Municipal
a Student under the program is exposed to 5
learning areas:
-Christian Doctrine
-Languages -- Spanish, Latin, Greek, French
- History & Geography
- Mathematics & Sciences
- Classical Disciplines -- poetry, rhetoric, Philosophy
What is Bachiller en artes? Agriculture
Surveying Ateneo also offers vocational courses prided itself in offering the best secondary education
for boys.
trained the character of every student through rigid
discipline and religious instruction.
Students were required to hear masses before class.
Classes usually began and ended with prayers. Ateneo... ateneo stimulates spirit of competition among students
for excellence in academics.
divides the class into 2 competing empires:
-Romans (boarding students)
-Carthaginians (non-boarding students)
Both empires have ranks and dignitaries:
-Emperor -centurior
-the best scholar -standard bearer
compete as teams through Q&A.
Hoisting and lowering of empire banners signifies
victory and defeat. Spirit of competition... Rizal made himself a timetable which he rigidly observed.
In a month's time, he managed to be the "emperor" of his
class. Rizal as a student in Ateneo... "ratio studiorum", a system of indoctrination
under tight and constant discipline.
Ad majorem Dei gloriam (for the greater
glory of God)
Jesuits aimed to create lifelong christians.
climax of the course centered on philosophy
of man as a creature of God.
student life centered on chapel More on Ateneo... passed oral examination on March 14,1877.
graduated Bachiller en artes with highest
academic honors.
his academic achievement was attributed by
-racial pride
-monastic discipline
-seclusion of boarding school life. Academic Performance Rizal was also a member of religious confraternities
in Ateneo.
He also joined the Academy of Spanish Literature and
the Academy of Natural Sciences.
He also took special lessons at the Convent School
of Santa Isabel to develop Spanish Proficiency.
His talent in Literature... Rizal developed his skills in poetry writing through
the guidance of Father Francisco Paula de Sanchez. Rizal took painting lessons under Agustin Saez
Sculpture lessons under Romualdo de Jesus. A painter and a sculptor... The Power of Science
Over Death. The Vengeance of a Mother Physically Active... First started his physical fitness training
under Tio Manuel.
He learned gymnastics and fencing My First Inspiration
In Memory of My Town
To The Child Jesus
Through Education The Country Receives Light
The Intimate Alliance Between Religion and Good
Literary Works at Ateneo Influences of Schooling at Ateneo on Rizal Rizal conferred his degree on March 23, 1867.
He was able to imbibe the Jesuit values of fairness, justice, and reason.
the quest of justice, equality, and dignity became his lifetime work. Rizal at the Dominican University of the Philippines... Chapter 8: Enrollment at UST... Rizal was not certain of what course to pursue.
Uncertain as he was, he took up Philosophy and Letters.
At the same time he also took surveying in Ateneo.
He conferred the course in Ateneo on November 25, 1881 since he was underage when he passed the final examination. Taking up Medicine... after his freshman year, he shifted to medicine.
this was brought about by two factors: He was
advised by Father Ramon Pablo to pursue the course,
and his failing mother's eyesight. Academic Performance... Rizal performed poorly at UST...
three factors:
- Medicine, not Rizal's real vocation.
- Dissatisfaction with the Dominican system of
- Exciting distractions of the youth.
Fascination with women... Liberalism and Filipino
Studs at UST... Liberal ideas attributed from:
-ending of spanish civil war
-opening of Suez Canal
-opening of Philippines to world trade.
To encourage production of literary works in Manila, the
Liceo Artistico Literario de Manila was founded.
Rizal joined the contests sponsored by the organization
in 1879 and 1880.
Rizal's A La Juventud Filipina and El Consejo de los Dioses
were adjudged as the best in the said competition.
Literary Works.... A La Juventud Filipina (1879) - received a silver quill
demonstrating his prowess in poetry.
El Consejo de los Dioses (1880) - upon discovering that
the author was a Filipino, the grand prize was conferred
to a Spaniard.
Junto Al Pasig - a one-act play written in connection to the
celebration of the Feast Day of Immaculate Concepion.
A Filipinas - written to praise Philippines and encourage Filipino
artists to glorify through their works. Student Activism at UST... Filipino chonggos vs. Spanish bangus...
Rizal displayed leadership in student activism
often involved in student rumbles...
Compañerismo - a secret society of Filipino Students.
Members are called Companions of Jehu. First taste of Spanish Brutality... happened at Calamba Laguna one evening when he passed by
a man who happened to be a Guardia Civil.
Rizal was slashed at the back.
He sent a written complaint to Governor-General Primo de
Rivera, but nothing came out from his complaint. Decision to go to Europe... disappointment with his schooling at UST...
wants to complete a medical course in Barcelona...
make a name for himself in journalism
prepare himself for the task of liberating the
Filipinos from Spanish tyranny. Created by: John Paul Balagolan
Jesson Dela Peña
Veniza Joy Macaraeg
Karl Oliver Nonesa BSCS - 4 :)
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