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The Secret of Rover by

No description


on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of The Secret of Rover by

The Secret of Rover by
Rachel Wildavsky

Katie an David lived in a small home. Then an invention created by their parents and uncle, called Rover, changed their life and they are able to move into a bigger house. Later, Katie and David are excited, for their new adopted baby sister, will come home from her native country Katkajan, with their mom and dad. But for Katie and David they need a nanny, Trixie, to watch over them. Trixie acts nice at first but then makes the kids do chores. Then Trixie starts acting weird. Katie and David try to call their parents and figure out their parents and their adoptive sister have been kidnapped. The Katkajanian gang took David and Katie to their old, abandoned, house and locked them in. They find their cat Slank who ran away from the Katkajanian's first and they escape out the cat door. They figure out that they need to find their Uncle Alex because he can help. Next, they go to a gas station and stowaway on a food truck that heads for Yonkers in New York which is closer to Uncle Alex's house. In Yonkers, the Katkajanians catch them in a mall. They get arrested because the truck that Katie and David stowawayed on caught them and they all got arrested.
Summary (continued)
Katie and David sneak out the police station and stowaway the trunk of a car that is heading towards the city where their uncle lives. They find a taxi with a driver named Mike to get to Melville, where their uncle lives. The driver gets suspicious but just says to call if they need help. They adventure through the mountains trying to find Uncle Alex's house. Finally they find Uncle Alex's house and they stay overnight. The next day, they decide to go back to Washington D.C. where Katie and David live. Uncle Alex has a plan to get back his sister, brother, and adoptive niece from Katkajan. Next, Uncle Alex, Katie and David get into Mike's taxi to travel to D.C. The Katkajanians are in a car following them the whole time secretly. When they get to D.C., they get chased by the Katkajanians. Mike dumps them off and tells them to run for it. They get out and race to the building they need to get to. They get there right before the criminals catch them and lock the doors. Once in the building they figure out that this building is the Secretary of State building and Uncle Alex asks to see the Secretary of State. They go into the her office. Katie and David find out that the Secretary of State, named Alicia, was once Alex's girlfriend. The kids tell her the whole story and Alicia conducts a search for the kids's parents. The kids go to a safe house for weeks with no parents found.
Book Recommendation
David Bowden- an brown haired boy, who tries to save his parents, and he looks like his mom.

Katie Bowden- a blonde haired girl, and tries to save her parents with David.

"page 237 ' It's wonderful to meet both of you, Katie, you are an image of your father and David, I am sure you have heard this, but you look just like your mother,' Alicia said.

Uncle Alex- a hermit who lives in Vermont, he is David and Katie's uncle.

page 4 "Nor did the family ever go anywhere, not even to see their Uncle Alex, who was their Mom's brother, and he was a hermit who lived far into a mountain in Vermont.

Alicia- Secretary of State, ex girlfriend of Uncle Alex

" page 236 'Katie, one of these days you are going to
lighten up. Like, Mom and Dad liked the secretary of state,
you should of figured out that she was Alex's girlfriend,'
David said."
The Katkajanians- the kidnappers

Time- in the end of the story, the U.S.A tries to stall for time by pretending to negotiate. Unfortunately, Katkajan gets tired of negotiating
that they set a deadline or else they kill Katie and David's parents. Time is an antagonist
because time almost runs out on the search.

page 326 " ' Got to go' the Katkajanian snapped
'Plannin a little party in about one minute.'
It was 8:59, the deadline."
Conflict #2
Summary (continued again)
Trixie then found Katie and David in the safe house. Trixie's cover gets blown through the window. She tries to flee but David and Katie follow her. Her gang picks her up but then, the Katkajanians notice Katie and David on the street and try to get the kids in their car. But bystanders take down the Katkajanians and they get arrested. The search continues. Finally they need to use Rover an invention that can find anybody on earth by scent, fingerprints, gait (which is how they walk), by eyes, and by voice. The only chance is a special recording that the family treasures. The kid's ringtone with their parents is a treasured song so if Rover finds the ringing phone playing the song. They will find their parents. Just one problem, Rover cant find the song if he doesn't have sample of the song. So, Katie and David have to preform it perfectly live. Luckily Rover finds David and Katie's parents but, the police in Katkajan have to get there. Finally they figure out that the parents and Theo are alive and they are in Washington D.C. They celebrate at the White House and meet the president.They had a good time and finally met their new sister.
Character vs Society-

Katie, David, Uncle Alex, and Alicia vs the Katkajanians.

page 326 " ' If you harm a hair on their heads, me , my sister, and my uncle will track you down.
The genre of this book is mystery. This book is mystery because a person or a group of people solve criminal activity. In this story the Katkajanians kidnap Mr. and Mrs. Bowden and almost killed them.
On page 46, "...What? she gasped. 'Where are-' Katie gave a short shriek and dropped the phone. 'They're gone. A man answered the phone and they are being held hostage,' said Katie desperately."
I truly give this book 5 stars because the vocabulary was not too hard but not too easy. The author's imagery painted the perfect picture in my mind like when I saw "Rover" find Katie and David's parents. The plot, though there were many plot lines, was easy to follow. The clues all lined up to the final solution. Overall I would definitely read books by this author again.
Conflict # 1
Character vs Character -

Katie vs David

page 141 " ' You are on your own,' said Katie. 'I'm not going with you,' she said. 'What?!' David said.
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