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2014 Poetry Project

No description

karlye futch

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Poetry Project

2014 Poetry Project
Character Poem
Lives in Hollywood where he,
Hears his old records,
Sees all of his fans,
Needs his family,
Fears death,
Gives up everything for the people he loves,
Wonders of his future,
Dreams of all his friends,
Believes in faith,
Loves everyone,
Is a big rock influence
There ones was a boy named Ying,
The boy that loved to sing.
He played the flute,
He gave it a toot,
Instead it came out as a ding.

Guitars playing cords
Recording songs that we love
Music is awesome
Color Poem
Music is soft, different and feels magical.
Music is the taste of Starbucks.
Cookies and coffee smell Music.
Staying up all night makes me feel Music.
Music is the sound of guitars and drums.
Music is the beach, my room, and up high in trees.
Blogging on tumblr is Music.
Instagram is also Music.
Music is life.
Lyrics, Words
Playing, Strumming, Singing
Best sound in history
I am Poem
I am Music.
I wonder what songs are next.
I hear lyrics.
I see sheets of music.
I want to be the best.
I am Music.

I pretend that I am the best.
I feel the pain of the writers.
I touch the cords of a piece.
I worry that I'll mess up.
I cry when I do mess up.
I am Music.

I understand that Im not great.
I say that I need to keep trying.
I dream of being perfect.
I try my best.
I hope I live on forever.
I am Music.
Playing the guitar.

Singing into the
Microphone. Memorizing
The words. This is my music.

Beating the drums and the bass.
Music is my life, Words never easily expressed
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