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SVC Workshop 1

No description

Christopher Zobrist

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of SVC Workshop 1

The goal of a business is to earn...
To earn Profit, a business must earn...
Startup Vietnam Competition 2013
Workshop 1
Christopher Quang Zobrist
Entrepreneur and Investor
Who do we get Revenues from?
Why do Customers buy from you instead of from others?
If you are an
, what should you do?
3 Must-Haves for Success
Entrepreneur Mindset
Discovery Skills
Start-up Experience
4) Turn
Who you are
What you know
Who you know
Only invest what you can afford to lose
Work with customers and partners who make
real commitments
You can not predict the future...
you afford to invest?
Our Product
Customer Wants
How can we solve this problem?
...so when you get lemons, make
đá chanh!
Start with Your Unique Competitive Advantage
3 Types of Response:
Persist - not feasible
Adapt - not optimal
Co-Create - best strategy
Successful Entrepreneurs
Co-Create the business with stakeholders who make
real commitments
Surprising Secrets from Successful Entrepreneurs
1) Start
with their
2) Invest
what they can
3) Work with
Committed Partners
Your Name
What are you really good at?
What interests you most?
Your Goal
Who can you ask for help to achieve your goal?
Personal Means Inventory
Case Study: Cold Opportunity
What would you do?
Sweden in Winter
Ice Sculpture Festival
Guests Arrive
What really happened...
Thank you!
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