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My perfect paragraph

No description

Jade Simpson

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of My perfect paragraph

I'm going to tell you about Komodo Dragons. No, they don't have wings or breath fire. What do they do you ask? Let's find out.
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Komodo Dragons live in burrows, burrows are cozy holes. They're basically like homes for them. First, the Komodo Dragon digs with its front foot then the other. They don't usually use their back feet. The Komodo Dragon loves the heat. The Komodo Dragon can stay in heat up to 70 to 80 F. They weave in and out of the shade to keep their body heat at 96 F. That's our body heat! The Komodo Dragon has a large territory. A territory is an entire area where the Komodo Dragon lives. It has a core, a hunting area , and a scavenging area.


For reptile lovers
Komodo Dragons hunt in the morning. It's like our breakfast. The Komodo will rip apart old fallen trees and over turn big rocks. The Komodo does this because it's looking for small animals. The Komodo can eat anything from Insects to buffalo. This reptile will ambush animals like monkeys, and they'll eat deer too. The Komodo, as it gets larger, will eat larger prey. At it's biggest size the Komodo will eat buffalo.
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The Komodo is in danger of disappearing. Only about 5,000 remain in the wild. Reasons for this are not natural predators or disease or flood. The problem started 800 years ago. Komdos were shipped to black markets to be sold in China. The Chinese thought that the Komodo's had healing powers. Another reason is that farmers kill them because they eat the crops. The farmers would start fires that destroy their territory.
We need to save these amazing creatures before people of the future don't know what they are. How would you like it if you were misjudged and then go extinct and then no one knowing who you were? Think about it.
by Jade Simpson
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