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The Kite Runner vs. A Separate Peace

No description

Megan Selby

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of The Kite Runner vs. A Separate Peace

Comparative Essay: And A Separate Peace The Kite Runner Intro to Theme: Guilt is something, that for many people
is the reason why they do a good action.It
pushes people to do good so they do not have
a consciense, guilt is a motivator. Thesis: In the Kite runner and
a seperate peace, guilt is
the vehicle that drives the
characters behaviour. Need For Redemption A need for redemption is
shown in these books as
a way for the characters
to make their wrong a right. 1A: Amir feels guilty through out the novel ever since the wnter of 1975 and tries to find ways to make it up to Hassan. "There is a way to be good again, he'd said. A way to end the cycle. With a little boy. An orphan. Hassans son. Somewhere in Kabul" (Hosseini 239). Amir is coming to realize here that a way to redeem himself is by getting Hassans son Sohrab from Kabul so he could live a better life and Amir could feel less guilt by doing so. When Amir tries to make Hassan feel guilt or do something to hurt him, he thinks that is a way to make him feel better. "'Hit me back' I spat 'hit me back, goddamn you!' I wished he would. I wished he'd gve me the punishment I deserved so I could finally sleep at night" (Hosseini 98). This shows how Amir fels about seeing Hassan's rape, he wants Hassan to hurt him like he hurt himself by being a coward. 1B: Gene feels that after hurting
Phineas he must redeem himself
to make his life good again. "A soaring sense of freedom revealed that this must have been my purpose from the first: to become a part of Phineas" (Knowles 85). Gene wants to become a part of Phineas and try to be more like him so that he can feel relief of guilt and show that he still cares about him. Gene is continuously thinking about Phineas when he is gone and ways that he can make it up to him, especially since he keeps getting reminded of him. "At devon, where every stick of furniture did'nt assert that Finny was a part of it, I could make it up to him" (Knowles 70). After Gene visits Finny at home and sees that he can not get up from the couch, he realizes back at Devon he somehow has to find a way for redemptoion, without being reminded of him. Need for Forgiveness To be forgiven after you know you have done something wrong can have a huge impact on your life. In these two noevls, the characters strive for forgiveness as a way of eliminating their guilt. 2A: In the Kite Runner Amir thinks about wanting to be forgiven but does not go through with trying for that forgiveness early enough. "His father meant a lot to me. He is the man in the photo. He's dead now" (Hosseini 249). Amir is talking about Hassan being dead in a sorroful way, beacuse he knows how he can not directly be forgiven by Hassan, but must find a way. Amir's strive to be forgiven puts him in some bad situations which shows he deeply wants that forgiveness. "I don't know what point I started laughng, but I did...But I was laughing and laughing...the harder he kicked me, punched me, scratched me" (Hosseini 302). When Amir is getting beat up by Assef and starts laughing out loud, showing the readers he knew it would happen one day and that he did it for Hassan, as a way of being forgiven. 2B: Phineas does not know or want to believe it was Gene that caused him to fall, but Gene wants to tell him so he can get if off his chest and accept Finny's reaction. "Finny, I've got something to tell you. You're going to hate it, but there is something I've got to tell you" (Knowles 66). At first he was considering not telling him but he wants to be forgiven, even if the first reaction he gets is not forgiveness. Gene will do anything, even if it is not his normal self, to show Finny and others that he cares and wants that forgiveness. "I fought that battle, that first skirmish of a long campaign, for Finny" (Knowles 79). Gene is the shy type but he fought to stand up for Phineas because he wants to show his will to do good and want to be forgiven. Need to be a better Person After a wrong actions has been made and all a person is feeling is guilt, that person wants to be stronger and an all around better person so they do not have guilt as a weight on their shoulders. 3A: Amir was seen as a selfish character in the book, and he slowly started showing he was becoming kinder in the heart as the novel went on. "I have to go to Pakistan...he was the first grown up I ever thought of as a friend" (Hosseini 201). By wanting to visit Rahim Khan even after all these years shows Amir still cares and he is making an effort to be a better person. Gradually Amir did show a good side to him, especially when taking care of Sohrab and the old Amir was beginning to change. "'For you, a thousand times over' I heard myself say" (Hosseini 391). What Amir says is significant because Hassan said it to him and he said it to Hassan's son, showing he cares and it was true and from the heart. 3B: Gene remains to dedicate his actions to Phineas, and since he is his bestfriend, he will always come first. "The war passed away from me, and dreams of enlistment and escape and a clean start lost their meaning for me" (Knowles 108). As soon as Finny came back to Devon, Gene did not care about anything going on except him being back, showing that Gene grew as a person. If any other character in the novel tried to talk bad about Finny, Gene would never be a part of it, showing his guilt kept him loyal as a friend. "I would have talked about that, but they would not, and I would not talk about Phineas in any other way" (Knowles 197). This is showing he is a better person because he needs to show his loyalty as a friend even after all that has happened. I was dreaming of the past
And my heart was beating fast
I began to lose control
I began to lose control

I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm sorry that I made you cry
Oh no, I didn't want to hurt you
I'm just a jealous guy
I was feeling insecure
You might not love me anymore
I was shivering inside
I was shivering inside

I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm sorry that I made you cry
Oh no, I didn't want to hurt you
I'm just a jealous guy
Song The song I chose is jealous guy by John Lennon
because he is singing about how he was jealous and
he says he did not mean to hurt someone. In the
lyrics he says it shows that he feels guilty about for his
actions, just like Amir and Gene felt that guilt
and regretted their actions. Works Cited 1. Knowles, J. (1987). A Separate Peace. New York City: Scribner.

2. Hosseini, K. (2003). The Kite Runner. Canada: Anchor Canada.
This is a picture of the ten comandments because the eight commandment is "thou shall not bare false witness" and this can fall under having to feel guilt for doing a wrong action. The movie Shawshank redemption is all about getting redemption and the need for it, just like in these books. In the Bible, Mark 11:25 is a passage on how you should forgive everyone so yourself in the future may be forgiven. Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mocking Bird is an example of a person who is strong because he stood up for what he thought was right even though the rest of the town did not, just like Amir and Gene trying to stand up for their wrong actions and be better people. Michael Vick was a football star who got in trouble with the law and went to jail which ended his football career. But he got out of jail and redeemed himself and ended up having a great football season, so he redeemed himself and came a better person.
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