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Bodily Kinesthetic

No description

Pam Jarrett

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Bodily Kinesthetic

Career suggestions include jobs that use movement often. Some suggestions are:
Actor Inventor Stunt Person
Carpenter Dancer Trainer
Dentist Pianist Rodeo Rider
Hair Dresser Mime Sculptor

Career Suggestions
Characteristics of Intelligence
Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence means 'body smart' and it's the capability to use your whole body or parts of your body to solve a problem or make something.

It's learning tools to control the flow of one's body

If under stress at the time of an event then one can control shaking from nervousness, slow the heart down and breath deep and hold steady.

Generally good at physical activities such as sports, dance, acting, and making things.
Body Smart

Technology for Bodily Kinesthetic Learners
Tablets or computers to write and illustrate stories
Using technology to type or write on a tablet with their finger. Allow them to use different colors and fonts.
Virtual Field trips
Virtual manipulatives like an app or computer program with blocks
A Wii can be used with games that are educational

Additional Information
Celebrities that have Bodily- Kinesthetic Intelligence
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