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Elise & Jess

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of Elise & Jess

Today we're giving away 6 FREE tickets to see the Diving at The Rio 2016 Olympics. To win these AMAZING tickets, answer a question right and your team gets points. So now, get ready to play.......
Our competitors (You!) will be divided into boys and girls. The team with the most amount of points wins!
3..2..1.. GO!

First Question for 1 point for each correct part!
Next question for 1 point!
What amount of points are divers given if the judges classify your performance as "Satisfactory" ?
Third question for 1 point!
How many divers are in the Australian Diving Team for the Olympics 2016?
Name at least 3 of the elements considered for scoring
5th Question for 2 points
How many hours a week do Elite Divers train?
Moving on... for 2 points
What speed do divers hit the water at?

Welcome back!
Part 1: Do men and women do the same events?
Part 2: Do men and women compete together?

Question Four! 1 point for each element!
By Elise Beane and Jess Garbett 5/6P
Second last question for 2 points
How many dives to men have to complete in Springboard Diving?
FINAL QUESTION for 2 point
How many dives do women complete in Springboard Diving?
Second last question for 2 points!
How deep is the diving pool at the Olympics?
When and where was diving included for the first time at an Olympic Games?
Fun Facts!
-Diving became popular in Sweden and Germany in the 18th and 19th Century
-Diving was originally practiced by gymnasts
-In Ancient Olympics, divers practiced their routines at the beach
-In Springboard Diving, men ned to complete 6 dives and women have to complete 5 dives
10: Excellent
8.5-9.5: Very Good
7-8: Good
5-6.5: Satisfactory
2.5-4.5: Deficient
0.5-2: Unsatisfactory
0: Completely Failed

Elements considered in scoring:
-the starting position and approach
-the take-off
-the flight
- the entry
When and where was diving included for the first time at an Olympic Games?
How deep is the diving pool at the Olympics?
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