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Karen Cox

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of E-safety

e-safety All children at school are younger than the Internet! Children are becoming Digital Natives communication education entertainment Why should I be concerned? Stay Safe What are the issues? 1% of parents think their children are blogging

33% of children use blogs

67% of parents don't know what a blog is 79% of children use IM

29% of parents don't know what IM is 13% of 11 year olds are never supervised online

11% of 11 year olds say parents know nothing of their online communication 29% of parents can't check online history

65% of children can clear their online history 65% of parents can deny access to specific websites

46% of children can get around parental blocks World Wide Web Aimed at Primary age
Moderated by adults
Anyone can register
Play games with other penguins Must be 13 to register - average age is 9!
create own identity, rooms, chat
moderated chat which disallows email addresses and personal information Club Penguin Habbo Hotel World of Warcraft Play online with people all over the world
Play in teams
Chat online
Tips and guidance from each other to move through levels Miss Bimbo Teaching Digital Literacy Cyberbullying the use of ICT, particularly mobile phones and the Internet, deliberately to upset someone
an extension of face to face bullying, but often far more personal/upsetting as the bully can 'hide' behind the technology e-safety Digital footprint Keep children safe BUT Teach digital literacy Guidance from OFSTED since September 2009 Allow children to:
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