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Southeast Asia_Baynes


Samuel Sicilia

on 16 March 2010

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Transcript of Southeast Asia_Baynes

Southeast Asia Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Bio: Sulak Sivaraksa Summer Palace, Indonesia Terraced Fields Southeast Asian Village Southeast Asia Mainland Southeast Asia Islands PLUS PLUS Tropical Beaches, Phillipines Ginormous Islands #3
287,300 sq. mi.
Borneo #2
309,000 sq. mi.
New Guinea #1:
839,999 sq. mi.
??? Ring of Fire - Lots of plate movement causes
earthquakes and volcanic activity
- 90% of the world's earthquakes
- 75% of the world's active volcanoes
Angkor Wat - Built in Cambodia in the 1200s
- Originally a Hindu Temple
- Later became a Buddhist Temple Southeast Asia Timeline: 1500s
Europeans begin to
colonize the region
Portugal was first 1800s
British and French
set up colonies
The U.S. joins the fun
and takes over the
philippines 1900s
Only Siam (Thailand)
is free of European
control 1954
The French leave their colony
in Indochina after bloody war 1970
Colonial rule ends
Most of Southeast Asia
becomes independent Vietnam War North & South Vietnam divided after French colonization

North= communist; South= democratic

U.S. got involved in the 1960s to stop communism from spreading

Very unpopular war in the U.S.

First time helicopters are used in battle

Total Warfare = spare no one... Casualities:
U.S. - 58,000
Vietnamese Army - 1.3 million
Vietnamese Civilians - 4 million Warning:
This is a serious video and
a disturbing time in our history.
Be mature and respectful. Why do so many people
use motorcycles/mopeds? Junta = the strict, military
dictatorship that rules Myanmar General Than Shwe human rights violations:
- Military led courts
- Gov. censors Internet
- forced labor
- human trafficking
- child labor
Nonviolent civil rights Activist
- fights for human rights
- elected as prime minister in 1990 - arrested by military government before
election results announced
- house arrest for most of past 20 years Aung San Suu Kyi Bangkok canals full of sewage
10 Aug 2003
Canals Bangkok Klongs

Thailand: Bangkok's klongs (canals) are full of sewage, a Bangkok city official reportedly admitted .

Khun Pornpot Kannasoot, director of the BMA, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's water quality management said that most of the khlongs are used widely for transport and even swimming and all of them were seriously polluted.

Tests showed the Thai klongs, contained high levels of total coliforms, a bacteria that indicates the water is contaminated. Ideally, no total coliforms should be present in natural waterways, Khun Pornpot said. The major source of total coliforms is sewage and especially excrement.

Khun Pornpot said many of Thailand's households released excrement directly into the Bangkok khlongs.

Thailand popstar Apichet Kittikorncharoen, a singer with boy band D2B and better known by his nickname "Big", has reportedly been given a 50-50 chance of surviving the brain infection he contracted when his car crashed into a water-filled ditch in Bangkok on July 22.
Klongs: man-made rivers Floating markets Do klongs look like a great place to sell food or swim? Get ready to get sick... Died Dec. 7, 2007
In a coma for 4 years
from brain infection Why are the landmines such
a problem for a farming country? 10ft x 8ft x 40ft Busiest port in the world Hassanal Bolkiah worth 55.63 Billion How would you spend that money? Cars? Sure, how about
around 6,000 of 'em... Largest collection in the world
Takes 5 airplane hangers to store them
500+ Rolls Royces
245 Bentleys
232 Mercedes
224 Ferraris
165 Jaguars
150 BMWs...blah, blah, blah
House? Ok, this should do... Buddhist, teacher, philosopher
Publisher, social activist, author
From Thailand
Helps the poor
Promotes peace, democracy and human rights Canada Europe U.S. Thailand Controversial?? Something that is not popular with everyone...something that may make people mad or upset... Other winners:
- only given 90 times
- MLK Jr.
- Mother Teresa
- Desmond Tutu
- Nelson Mandela
- Barack Obama "Peace...I'm outta here..." Why do they build their
houses on stilts? segway
55,630,000,000 - million dollar house 55,629,000,000
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