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More About ME :)

No description

Lauren Kittleson

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of More About ME :)

Other Facts...
My Interests
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Being with friends and family
Going to the lake
I was born on September 8, 1998
I am 15
I'm obsessed with Justin Bieber
I've played on the Minnesota Lynx/Timberwolves home court for basketball
Family + Pets
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... Continued
Lives In
I have lived in Waverly, IA,
my whole life.
Shared a Photo
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Lauren Elizabeth Kittleson
MOM (Sally)
3rd grade teacher

DAD (Phil)
Works at Cuna Mutal

Been married for 24 years

SISTER (Nicole)
- 21 and goes to ISU

DOG (Sully)
- Black Lab, 1 yr. old

CAT (Stella)
- Black and white cat

More About ME :)

I had a 3 pound guinea pig named Tootsie Roll
I am the youngest in my family
Editor - Lauren Kittleson
Music - Youtube
Music Editor - Lauren Kittleson
Pictures - Facebook, Instagram, and Google
Picture Editor - Lauren Kittleson
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