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Hawaiian Culture for the Future

Senior Project Presentation about how to improve Hawaii's environment.

Emily Mateo

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Hawaiian Culture for the Future

How can Ancient Hawaiian culture be used to improve Hawaii's environment today? Conclusion Applying Ancient Traditions to a Troubled Society
Emily Mateo “People are realizing we rely too much on imports…The Big Island has a chance to be the food basket for the whole state. We should be able to raise all our vegetables and fruits.” More Farmers and Farmers' Markets is here
The Hawaiian value of kuleana can be used as wisdom for improving Hawaii's environment. A modern ahupua`a system
Neighborhood garden
Hula Studio
Community Center
Environmental Design Point #1 : The Hawaiian ahupua`a system can be modernized to improve the environment. Hawaiian Homes engaged in Hawaiian Culture Ancient Hawaiian practices can help improve today's environment based on the Hawaiians' sustainability and independence. Signs in Ko`olaupoko "It's really to connect people with the kuleana to malama, take care of, the aina and the ocean." Points
Prove The Hawaiian ahupua`a system can be modernized to improve the environment. Hawaiian values reintroduce the community's responsibility to take care of the environment. Hawaiian Immersion Schools Introduce School Gardens
Encourage Locally Grown Food “We know we need to take care of the land. In the old Hawai`i way, that was absolutely necessary. Making Hawai`i more sustainable through those practices is very important.” Manoa Library and the Hawaiian Value of Laulima Improves educational experience for readers “The secret of our success: laulima, which in Hawaiian means "many hands helping."” Attains an efficient, small staff Connects with the community Point #3 : Hawaiian value of responsibility can be used as wisdom for improving Hawaii’s environment. Mary Kaauamo Malama ka `aina Lokahi Kuleana Responsibility Care for the Land Unity Lived in Ke`anae
Raised Taro for 61 Years
Passed away in 2008 “You have to cooperate no matter what. Lokahi-get together. Everybody has to get together . . . The next neighbor clean and everyone clean their own. So, if the main ditch up the mountain hasn’t got much water, all the growers who own taro patches, everyone cooperate and go up and clean . . . That’s what they do. Everybody cooperate.” Collegiality, Collaboration, Kuleana Recognizes importance in partnership
Sees each other as equals
Supports one another with their concerns Ancient Hawaiian Beliefs `Aina The Land which Feeds Kama`aina Children of the Land “To the Hawaiian, the plants which he cultivates are highly personal. In lore and mythology, they are endowed with personality. The first-born of Wakea and Papa, the Sky and Earth, was a malformed child.” Taking it to the Next Level Internship for Essential Skills Course
Workshop with incoming freshman
Work with Ho`oulu `Aina and harvest Native Hawaiian Plants
Professional Development School Partnerships New Essential Question How can Ancient Hawaiian values influence the behaviors of the community? Ho`oulu `Aina Program involved with taking care of the land and the people
The land is an integral part of community health
Contribute and love the land as the ancestors did
"The breath of the land is the life of the people." `O ka ha o ka `aina ke ola o ka po`e
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