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Are Athletes and Actors Paid Too Much?

Math 3 Project

Melissa Wagner

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Are Athletes and Actors Paid Too Much?

Celebrities Work Hard Buy pointless products instead of improving the world. The Millionaires Don't Use Their Money Wisely. Ticket prices, concessions, sports gear, anything with a movie title or sports team name on it, is ridiculously expensive. Products Associated with Actors and Atheletes are overpriced. Our Society Demands Them Tom Cruise- $75 million
Leonardo DiCaprio- $37 million
Adam Sandler- $37 million
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson- $36 million
Kristen Stewart- $34.5 million They are paid too much. Pro Con

-preparing for their role mentally and physically
-doing research if needed
-submitting for auditions and jobs
-going to auditions
-updating their head shot/resume
-keeping track of submissions, auditions, call backs, bookings
-creating/ keeping a good relationship with agents, managers, casting directors, directors Media Impact on People Celebrities do give back! They are not paid too much Actors/ Actresses Athletes Floyd Mayweather- $85 million
Manny Pacquiao- $62 million
Tiger Woods- $59.4 million
LeBron James- $53 million
Roger Federer- $52.7 million Highest Paid (The Highest- Paid Actors/ Hollywood's Top- Earning Actresses) (World's Highest- Paid Athletes) (Schneider) (Schneider) -keep in perfect shape
-constantly train
-create their own style(dunking, victory
dance, etc.)
-go to games
-go to charity events, fundraisers,...etc.
-hold press conferences
-stay out of trouble
- develop new skills
-create labels
-develop new products
-promote products
-updating website
-keeping track of business expenditures
-doing pro mo’s for shows/productions
-doing whatever their label needs
-keeping a good image with the media -networking
-going to award shows
-sending invitations out about their shows/premiers
-learning lines
-looking for auditions
-updating website Are Actors and Athletes Paid Too Much? Kirsten Weisinger and Melissa Wagner Works Cited

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