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Biblical Allusion: Cain and Abel

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Lica Ishida

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Biblical Allusion: Cain and Abel

Lica Ishida Cain and Abel Summary Lullaby for Cain
by Sinead O' Connor Use of the Allusion Use of the Allusion Cont... Adam and Eve have two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain, a farmer, offers a part of his harvest to the Lord, and Abel, a shepherd, offers a firstborn from his flock. Cain feels envy and hatred towards Abel because God prefers Abel's offering instead of his offering. Cain murders Abel; as punishment, Cain will be a fugitive on the earth forever and the ground will no longer produce for him. God places a mark on Cain to protect him from those who may try to hurt him. Cain moves to the land of Nod. "Your brother standing by..."
*refers to Abel standing by. This signifies that Abel will always be Cain's rival as long as he is living.

"Envy stole your brother's life..."
*Cain was jealous of Abel because God preferred Abel's offering more than his offering. This jealously caused Cain to rise up against his brother and kill him. "Cast into the dark
Branded with the mark
Of Shame, of Cain."
*Cain is to be a fugitive on the earth forever. God set a mark on Cain to protect him from the people who may try to kill him.

"From a garden of God's light
to a wilderness of night."
*refers to how the fellowship with God is broken and that Cain is now a fugitive -- away from God and His blessings.
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