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Attempt At Copper Plating

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Ashlee Oliver

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Attempt At Copper Plating

Ashlee Oliver
Period 5 Attempt At Copper Plating Project Purpose The purpose of this project is to plate something with copper by creating two electrochemical batteries, and observe how they change over the period of five days. A procedure will be written and followed. Both Qualitative and Quantitative observations will be made. This PowerPoint is created to present pictures and observations to explain how the components of a galvanic cell change over time. -The first step is to take two clean beakers and place them side by side.
-The next step is to label one of the beakers anode and the other cathode.
-Next fill the cathode beaker with copper solution, and fill the anode beaker with iron solution.
-Next, place the salt bridge or filter paper into the two beakers.
-Then, place the iron electrode into the iron solution.
-While avoiding contact between the copper solution and the alligator clips, place the quarter into the copper solution and connect the quarter to the voltmeter. Procedure The materials used during this project were two beakers, copper solution, iron solution, a quarter, an iron electrode, a voltmeter, an electronic balance, filter paper, and alligator clips. Materials -Place the iron electrode into the iron solution and connect the electrode to the voltmeter.
-Finally, spray the salt bridge until it is covered with deionized water, and turn on the voltmeter to get a measurement. Procedure Cont. DAY 1 On day one, the solution in the anode beaker was a yellow, clear solution. The solution in the cathode beaker was clear and clue. The fork electrode was shiny and gray, and the iron electrode was shiny and gray. The salt bridge was white. DAY 2 On day two, the electrode was switched to a quarter because the reaction was reversed. The cathode solution is still clear and blue. The quarter is a shiny gray solid. The anode solution is clear and yellowish. The salt bridge is still as was on day one. DAY 3 On day three, the copper is starting to plate the quarter. The quarter is no longer a shiny gray solid. The cathode solution is still clear and blue. The anode solution is becoming darker. The salt bridge is starting to form crystals. DAY 4 On day four, the cathode solution is forming a greenish solid at the bottom . The anode solution is forming a yellow solid a the bottom. The quarter is still being plated with copper. The iron electrode is starting to oxidize. DAY 7 Overall The overall procedure was successful. The quarter was successfully plated with copper. There was error. Some of the copper that was suppose to form on the quarter was falling off into the beaker as you can see in days four and five. If this had not occurred than the quarter would have shown more copper.
In conclusion, the experiment was fairly a success. I don't think there were many ways to avoid the error in our lab. On day seven, the anode solution has changed to a yellowish brown color. The cathode solution still has the green solid forming at the bottom. Some solution from both beakers has evaporated. Both beakers have crystallization on the inside of them. Mass of Fork: 24.251 grams
Mass of Iron: 4.100 grams
ECell: .65 volts Mass of Iron: 4.082 grams
Mass of Quarter: 5.696 grams
ECell: .52 volts Mass of Iron: 4.068 grams
Mass of Quarter: 5.698 grams
ECell: .77 volts Mass of Iron: 4.054 grams
Mass of Quarter: 5.698 grams
ECell: .84 volts Mass of Iron: 4.037 grams
Mass of Quarter: 5.707 grams
ECell: .81 volts
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