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Bow Hunting

No description

Bry-Anna Ludlow

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting Bry-Anna Ludlow Hunter’s Education This program helps regulate what all different types of hunters should do while hunting legally.
The mission of hunter education programs is to ensure the continuation of the hunting tradition.
During the class, students learn how to shoot and load a bow and gun the proper way. Hunter’s Education Cont. Hunter's Education classes are located all over Michigan & are easy to enroll into.
It is important, if interested, to get children involved at a young age to become familiar with a gun or bow.
The earliest to get a child into Hunters Education is 12 years of age.
In order to hunt legally, you must go through with this class and get your hunting certificate. Impact on Society Hunting help keep the animal population in order.
When a species is over populated, their more acceptable to eating crops or causing car accidents.
Hunting practices help managers keep animal populations in balance with their habitat.
Also, if an animal is over populated, the species is more immune to disease... making people sick from eating venison. Tuberculosis Baiting is one way to make deer really sick by Tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis infected deer may have multiple pea-sized tan or yellow lumps on the inside of the ribcage.
Tuberculosis is really important to look out for because if your you eat that venison, you can become very sick.
If hunters hunt naturally, there will be less disease in the venison meat, which will be healthier for humans to eat. Laws and Regulations Without laws, there would be a lot more poaching.
Laws help regulate and enforce the importance of hunting.
For example: cross bow users were required to get a free cross bow stamp when they purchased their hunting license Bow Hunting Equipment In a tree stand, always use a full body harness.
While in a tree stand, use a fall restraint device, in case you accidently fall.
Broad heads are used for bow hunting, but can be very sharp. Use with caution.
There are four different kinds of bows – long bow, compound, cross bow, and recurve
There are five different kinds of tree stands to use – homemade, tripod, climbing, hanging, and ladder. Bows Tree Stands Hours For my hours, I went to the Lapeer Sportmans Club in Attica. When I was there, we filled in dirt on the sides of the concrete so handicap could come shoot at the range. Also, I helped pick up the shot gun shells so the club was clean. Works Cited “2010 Michigan Hunting and Trapping Digest.” 2010 Michigan Hunting and Trapping Digest
July-Aug. 2010: 6-42. Print.
Feaser, Jerry. “Fall Deer Achery Seasons Will Start Soon; WMU 3D Sells Out of Anterless
Deer Licenses.” US Newswire (Sept.-Oct. 2007). Print.
James, M.R. “Take Your Game To The Next Level.” The Bow hunter’s Handbook. 2nd ed. Lola:
Krause Publications, 2004. 6-251. Print.
Meyerson, Howard. “Study Ditched, Crossbow Use Rules Relaxed- State Decision Leave Mixed
Reaction.” The Grand Rapids Press Aug.-Sept. 2010. Print.
Today’s Hunter. Dallas: Kalkomey Enterprises, 2008. Print.
Long Bow Compound Bow Cross Bow Recurve Bow Home made Tripod Climbing Hanging Ladder
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