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Mr. McIntyre's calculus overview

Duncan McIntyre

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Calculus

Double click anywhere & add an idea Calculus really, it comes down to Things getting
really, really SMALL SMALL small or... really, really, ... The limit...
slopes as the run gets
infinitely small Then we found the derivative...
a function which was the slope
at every value of x What happens if...
the derivative is zero?
the derivative is undefined?
What about the...
second derivative? wait a minute...
could you take a third derivative
a fourth?
a FIFTH? WHOA Derivatives are so... USEFUL max points
min points
intervals of increase Maximums?
Like maximum area, profit, volume,
efficiency... Kinda like maximum LIFE And curves... yeah math's got


but after a while
polynomials seem
so... polyNORMAL linear
quintic... so luckily we have other functions... BIG trigonometric
functions exponential
functions logarithmic
functions YouR EXAM
short answer (18 marks)
long answer (55 marks)
choice section (20 marks) and where to now? integration, vector calculus, area under curves, volumes of revolution congratulations... calculus for you is done Well... I guess you do have an exam to write still. the limit...
of a function as x
gets infinitely large hi guys
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