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How can Finland attract and retain needed immigrants?

Discovering who we need, why we need them, when we need them and what they need for them to want to stay and contribute to their and Finland's progress.

Chris Evatt

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of How can Finland attract and retain needed immigrants?

How can Finland attract and retain needed immigrants? 1. Finland's Demographic situations 2010, 2015 & 2025.
What will it be like for us and our youth WITHOUT immigrants. Our:
... work load ... health ... well being ... education
... science ... R&D ... housing ... food production ... industry ... finances What this means from a day to day living point of view show the senarios These tell us WHO we need, WHY, WHEN and WHERE
2. Show for each WORK SECTOR and REGION, the NUMBER of people we need by WHEN, their SKILLS & CAPABILITIES and THEIR NEEDS and what are the OUTCOMES (work load; health; well being etc). 300,000 people are neededby 2025. We need to know WHERE and BY WHEN they are needed. 3. WHAT do we need to DO to get the 300,000 people we need?
WOIMA's qualitative research to find out WHAT Finland needs; WHAT immigrants need:
...to want to live and work here
* foreign students
* immigrants with & without professional and trade skills
* self employed adults
* Finns returning to Finland after living and working abroad. Why? their new knowldege is often not wanted)

a. Prepare questions, actions, time table and budget.
b. Select / employ interviewees. Train them.
c. Interview immigrants from each work sector. 10 from each. (Could be 100 or more interviews)
d. Evaluate overseas "best immigration practices"
e. Evaluate the reseach findings per sector and prepare Summery, Conclusions & Recommendations
f. Present results to key interested parties (government officials; ngos; business leaders; educators; press +)
Discuss.What are the "interested parties" willing to do or not do.
g. Decide on actions to be taken: by whom; when; how
h. Implement recommendations; measure them; improve them; share best practices and outcomes for others to use.
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