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Are Robots Good or Bad for Society

No description

Travis w

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Are Robots Good or Bad for Society

examples for good
Bad Reasons
Are opinion for why robots are bad for society is because...
different robots and what they do
Good Reasons for robots
One example robots are good for society is that robots can do faster and better jobs than some humans.
Another Example is they can help people lift things such as the exo robot gives the humane 80% more strength and help them fight in wars and protect them.
The last example why robots are good for society is
Robots can get people out of their jobs and they will have yo find new ones.

robots personality
If robots got advanced enough then they could develop maybe feelings and turn on you.
people and their health
If their was enough robots they could make the society lazy and the world would end up like the movie Wall-E.
This is a drone for the army used for spying on them and knowing when attacks are coming.
This is a surgical robot used for advanced more quick emergency surgery.
If Their Were Robots in the army
If there were robots in the army no lives would be lost or no wounded people.
Precision Work
Robots can do faster better work than people most of the time.
Helping Disabled
Robots can help the disabled to hear or talk and help them with all of there daily needs.
Are Robots Good or Bad for Society
By Jake G. & Travis H.
Are opinion for why robots are good
is that...
We think robots are good and bad for society because of all these different reasons.
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