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The Liverpool Accent

No description

11webbej @gmail.com

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of The Liverpool Accent

The Liverpool Accent

1207 - Borough of Liverpool

1715 - First dock built in Liverpool

1912 - Titanic

1950's - accent begins to move
outside of Liverpool

1970's - Docks go into disrepair

1980's - Liverpool has one
of the highest levels of

1990's - rejuvenation

Double O's
Book > Bewk (bʊk)

Took > Tuk

My > Me

Give Us > Giz

Wozzer - Wasp

Ozzy - hospital

Thisavvy - this afternoon

Plazzy - fake
University of Wales:
‘chav', ‘criminal' ‘thief'
‘generally unpleasant sounding', ‘common', ‘irritating, loud' and ‘rough, harsh sounding'

The creation of a mix of languages from the docks in the 1700's.

Northern speak faster than southern

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