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By: Brandon, Wubstep, Wub Wub Wub Wub

Kevin Huang

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Blobfish

Do Blobfishs Need Energy
Blobfish do in fact need energy.
They get there energy, by eating
deep sea animals like crustaceans or tiny bits of matter. They eat differently then other sea creatures, they just float around at the bottom of the sea with there mouth open to swallow its food.
Do Blobfish React To Changes In Its Environment
There predators are humans. The reason why there endangered is because of humans killing them with deep sea trawling nets. although they can't be ate. They react very poorly because of there gelatinous body so they can only float away from trawling nest.
Do Blobfish Have Cells
Indeed the Blobfish do in fact have cells. The Blobfish has Eukaryotic Cells. The Eukaryotic Cell includes many cells.
Does It Grow, Repair Itself and Reproduce?
The Blobfish does indeed grow up to about 25 CM in its life-cycle. Blobfish do reproduce but just not often, but when they do the female produces around 1000 eggs at a time. It is unknown that it can heal it self due to it not having any predators.
Do Blobfish Have A Lifespan
There is little information known about the Blobfish species. But what is known is they live up to over 100-130 years.
Do Blobfish Create Waste
Just like most animals they create waste after eating their diet of crustaceans and other meals.
So Majestic........
So Beautiful...
= Diet/Energy
So Amazing....
So Lazy...
Funtastic Facts!
-The Blobfish scientific name is Psychrolutes marcidus
- They live deep under the ocean near Australia at depths at between 2,000 and 3,900 Ft deep
-In September 2013 it claim the the title of being the worlds ugliest animal
- The Blobfish has no muscles or bones
-They are going endangered because of humans using deep sea trawling nest
- Blobfish have a gelatinous outer body to allow it to float with high pressure sea levels
Websites Used
I can haz Perty!
Also bye dis is de end!
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