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Purity and Faith: The Story of Maryam

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yazzy balfaqeeh

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Purity and Faith: The Story of Maryam

Purity of Faith:

Chosen Women and Son
Over the years, Maryam became a rare example of devotion and worship unparalleled amongst the Children of Israel.
There was not a single person equal to her in her ‘ibadah or worship and prolonged prayers.

Family Tree
Imran was a righteous man who served of Allah among the Children of Israel. His people were disobedient to Allah, thus he and his wife Hannah had a child and named her Maryam (Mary).
Maryam was destined to be the mother of the holy Prophet Isa. Muslims believe that Isa was not crucified, but that he was taken up to the Heavens, and will return before the end of time.
Chapter Objectives
The Story of Maryam
Brother and sister in law
Imaran and Hannah
(Mother and Father)
(Maryam's son)
(The aunt or sister of Maryam)
(The aunt or sister of Maryam)
Blessed Seed
Hannah and Imran are married.
He was a Imam (priest) for the Children of Isreal in Bayt-ul-Maqdis.
She was a very dedicated worshipper of God.
Maryam her mother, dedicated her unborn child to serve as an imam, or a priest, to serve God.
Allah blessed their daughter and portrayed how a daughter could be pious and conscience servant of Him as well.

Holy Spirit Jibreel, Meets Maryam
The Angel Jibreel is described in Al-Qur’an as Ar-Rooh-ul-Qudus, or the Holy Spirit. He appeared to Maryam one day in her chamber in the shape of a man. She became extremely worried, she sought refuge and protection from Allah and told the man to NOT come near her.
Indeed it was an angel, not a man, who had come to convey to her a message from Allah.

Facts about Maryam
It is a story about Jesus and his mother; Mary.
She gave birth to Jesus, as a virgin.
Her people slandered and abused her.
As a disgrace to her lineage.
Her son, was a servant of God, a true Prophet.
Blessed in gifts of Prayer and Charity. But no more than a man: to call him “The son of God” is to derogate from God’s Majesty, for God is high above all His Creatures, the Judge of the Last Day.

Learn the story of Maryam and admire her great personality.
Understand why Maryam was the greatest women of all times.
Learn the events that led to the birth of Prophet ‘Isa.
Appreciate the great miracle of the birth of ‘Isa for a mother without a husband.
Appreciate the value and the benefits of purity, devotion and worship that were demonstrated by Mayram and her mother.
Learn and memorize ayaat 16-22 of Surat Maryam.
Learn and memorize the Hadeeth about the best women of all times.

All the prophets came from the same family tree of Adam, Nuh, Ibraheem and Imram.
All women and men who love and obey Allah and His Messengers are all part of the same spiritual family.

The Chosen Ones
Maryam is Born
Hannah was surprised to give birth to a daughter because all the priests at that time were male. She was not disappointed to give birth to a female. Maryam was no ordinary girl, she was chosen amongst all women to be a devout worshipper herself.
As a young women she used to spend long periods of time in the temple praying to Allah and experiencing miracles.

The priests disputed amongst themselves as to which one of them would be her guardian. They all considered it a privilege to take care of the Imran’s daughter.
A man challenged his authority in both religion and the right to take care of Maryam. Eventually, they decided to throw pens into the Jordan River.
The rule was that the pen that goes against the flow of the river and stays still should win.
They repeated the process three times; Zakariyya, a pious prophet would be the guardian of Maryam.

Maryam's Guardian
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