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This Is Who I Am

No description

Jenna Marshall

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of This Is Who I Am

This Is Who I Am
Just because people think I'm different,
Does not mean I am unworthy.
I am human,
The same as you.
You cannot change me,
I was born this way.
I do not need your opinion,
Or your hate coming my way.
It wasn't perfect,
Nothing is perfect.
Their looks almost killed me,
Will I ever be accepted?
I know people think it's wrong and
I know people don't agree, but
It does not affect them,
It affects me.
They call me names,
They laugh at me,
But the truth is,
It does not matter to me.
Why do I have separate rights from everyone else?
Why is homophobia even a thing?
I am the same as you,
But with a different sexuality.
Discrimination hurts,
Just as bad as your first heartbreak.
This wasn't my choice,
This is who I am.
Jenna Marshall
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