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Undergraduate Career Development Timeline

Emerson College Career Services

Marissa Shallcross

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Undergraduate Career Development Timeline

Emerson College Career Services
Undergraduate Career Development Timeline
Available Resources
1st Year
Sophomore Year
Junior Year
on Your Career Choice
Senior Year
Explore networking opportunities:
or request access to Emerson Connections http://bit.ly/EmersonConnections
Wondering whether your major or career field is right for you? Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss whether or not a career assessment may be the next step.
Review special programs, such as Kasteel Well, Los Angeles, Beijing, etc., through the External Programs office: http://bit.ly/ExternalPrograms
Check the course catalog for prerequisites for the internship course within your major so that you can plan accordingly. Students must have 64 credits (junior standing) and have a minimum GPA of 2.7 in order to participate in a credit-bearing internship.
The Undergraduate Career Timeline is designed to help you at any stage in your time as an undergrad. These are not rigid steps that must be completed each year; rather, they are suggestions to help guide you on your path toward graduation and beyond.

Career Services is available to help you on your path, from the moment you enter as a freshman, as well as after you graduate. Please reach out to us for help at any point along your journey!
How to Utilize the
Undergraduate Career Timeline
You can begin the timeline at any year listed. Simply zoom out, then select the circle for the year you wish to explore. When you begin the presentation, you will be guided through the suggested tasks for that year. Remember that there is certainly overlap among the years, and timing may shift depending on your educational and career goals.
Complete a credit-bearing or non-credit bearing internship.
Start Here!
Start thinking about how you are presenting yourself on social media (Facebook, Twitter, blog sites, etc). Anything that is on the internet is something that a future internship site or employer could see! Begin building a professional image - start with LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com)! Unsure how? Schedule an appointment with a career counselor for help!
Explore eHire, Emerson’s database of job and internship listings, events, and other career resources.
Participate in a resume workshop and create your resume.
Interested in the professional world in New York? Attend the NY Connection trip to visit employer sites and participate during other years at Emerson! For more info: http://bit.ly/NYConnection
Begin compiling work for your portfolio or website.
Attend Internship Fairs twice a year: Meet employers and learn what organizations hire Emerson students, and discuss what non-credit bearing opportunities are available for the summer or sophomore year. For more info, visit:
Continue to follow us on facebook and twitter (@eccareersvcs) to keep up to date on current Career Services programming.
Update your resume to reflect any additional experience that you have gained or specific projects related to your major.
Consider developing your leadership skills by taking on responsibilities within on-campus student organizations.
Take advantage of Emerson Connections and conduct informational interviews with professionals in your field.
Apply or re-apply to the Board of Overseers Mentor program: http://bit.ly/OverseersMentorProgram
Continue to gather documents to build your professional portfolio and/or website.
Thinking about completing an internship in LA or DC? Save your 8 credits for these programs.

Don’t forget to check with Academic Advising about planning for these programs: http://bit.ly/AcademicAdvising
Contact Career Services one semester in advance of when you plan to pursue an internship for credit.
Take advantage of the opportunity to travel to the
“Big Apple” with the New York Connection program (http://bit.ly/NYConnection), and learn from insiders who are working in your field of interest.
Explore both credit-bearing and non-credit bearing internship opportunities through eHire.

*Note: You cannot receive academic credit through Emerson until junior year.
Review the skills and qualifications that employers are seeking in potential candidates.
Participate in bi-annual Internship Fairs to network with a variety of organizations: http://bit.ly/InternshipFairs
Consider doing your first credit-bearing internship. Learn more about the approval process here: http://bit.ly/CreditBearingInternships
Meet with your Departmental Internship Coordinator re: internship requirements, and check dates for internships and registration deadlines for the semester(s) during which you plan to intern for credit.
Visit http://bit.ly/DeptInternshipCoordinators
If you are planning to complete the LA Program (http://bit.ly/ECLosAngeles) during your senior year, be aware of early application deadlines, particularly for larger organizations.
Interested in continuing your education after graduation? Begin researching graduate schools and visit Career Services in the fall for a graduate school preparation workshop.
Schedule a mock interview to prepare for meetings with prospective internship sites and employers.
Apply for leadership positions within student organizations of interest.
Continue building your professional portfolio. Check with your faculty advisor to discuss the information that would be appropriate for your major.
Create your
profile on LinkedIn, and visit Career Services for resources.
Research professional associations in your field, and continue to participate in professional development opportunities appropriate for your major, i.e., writer retreats, film festivals, and conferences. Check out grants to attend conferences.
Continue networking:
use Emerson Connections to contact professionals in your industry: http://bit.ly/EmersonConnections
Speak with key faculty members to discuss career plans.
Meet with your academic advisor in your major to confirm graduation requirements.
Begin researching prospective companies for internships and employment after graduation.
Think about networking, conducting informational interviews, and site visits.
If you’re planning to attend graduate school, pay close attention to specific application deadlines and testing dates at individual institutions!
Attend the Fall Internship Fair if you are planning for a spring internship: http://bit.ly/InternshipFairs
Continue to participate in leadership opportunities on campus.
Prepare your resume and cover letter for job applications, and begin applying!
Participate in the LA program, if applicable.
Meet with a career counselor to discuss your post-graduation plans.
Identify and communicate with individuals who you would like to provide positive references for you several months before graduation.
Depending on your field, think about different ways to present your skills, such as a video resume – come see us if you are unsure if this is relevant to your field!
Ensure that your online presence is professional and ready to share with potential employers.
Schedule a mock interview so that you can practice prior to actual job interviews.
Don’t forget to use your privacy settings and update your LinkedIn account, as well as any professional social media accounts.
Attend employer information sessions and Career Services workshops on interviewing, networking, job search, etc.
Participate in student organizations/extracurricular activities that reflect your interests and allow you to build new skills.
Not sure what's available?
Visit Career Services for an appointment, walk-in, or a workshop/event.
Follow us on Facebook:
and Twitter: https://twitter.com/eccareersvcs
and review our website regularly for information on resources and events
Consider doing your first credit-bearing internship during the summer. Visit: http://bit.ly/ECInternships
Stay connected with professional social media profiles and sites, such as LinkedIn, tumblr, etc.
Complete the graduating student survey, and don’t forget to join the Emerson Alumni LinkedIn group to stay connected with other graduates and Emerson College. For more information about Alumni services, visit: http://bit.ly/ECAlumni
Know what the pre-requisites are for different graduate programs and begin studying for the appropriate exam (i.e., GRE, GMAT, LSAT) as part of the application process.
Meet with a Career Counselor for additional tips and resources for networking.
Attend a professional conference and continue making connections with individuals in your chosen field.
Don’t forget to send individual references your most up-to-date resume and a copy of a job description, if applicable. Confirm what your professional interests are.
Remember that Career Services is available to you after you graduate! Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance in the future.
216 Tremont Street, 6th Floor
careers@emerson.edu - 617.824.8586
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