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Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 9

No description

Kevin Finisterre

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 9

Today you get your OpenPilot Atom
This will be the brain for your projects moving forward
I only have 6 USB cables so you need to pair up
1 of you can choose to sit alone or be the 3rd wheel
We will be working with the OpenPilot GCS
There is an Android GCS that we are NOT covering today
We won't be covering the 'Wizards' today
OpenPilot GCS Primer
The project founder had some bad news...
Made a really tiny version of CopterControl for solace
Only 30x17mm and a weight of only 4g!
Over 2 years ago it was dubbed the OpenPilot Atom
Was flying both FixedWing & Multirotor craft 2 years ago...
Recently brushed off and removed from the back burner
ReadyMadeRC & GetFPV are primary distributors
The *case* makes it a final product... get one (or make one)!
OpenPilot Atom
Use Latest version of the GCS software
You will need to use the USB cable now...
Erase Settings and Update.... use Firmware tab
Read the Wiki, Watch the videos... use "?" button
*hint* you should be on the GCS Firmware tab
Install the OpenPilot GCS &
Update the firmware
All a very complex 'Plugin' management system
Complex architecture to ensure repeatable feel
QT and SVG files make it all happen
Flight Data
Overview of GCS Tabs
with Kevin Finisterre of Pillar Technology
Building your Drone ANIM4477.01 Day 9
Configuration Tab in Depth
Time to order your LiPo Chargers...
Stop by Hurricane Hobby, BuddyRC, etc.
Dynamite Passport 6S, Hitec X1, Turnigy Compact
I expect to have all your gimbal assignments today
We will try to get them over to FabLab ASAP
Time to start thinking about your frame...
Does anyone want to order an Arion Frame? $60
Unsure how they will print...
Other frames? Do some rough math on AUW
Do you guys want to solder?
Keep practicing in the Simulator
Tell story of my flyaway!
TxPID (mghyatt ninja tune)
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