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Front Office

No description

Jelene Mordeno

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Front Office

Housekeeping Towel Art of Housekeeping Single Female Traveler e-signature - Php 500,000 for 1st year
Php 300,000 succeeding year

Tablet - 60,000 per unit x 6 = Php360,000 Investment Cost Dusit Thani Manila Arrival Flow Paperless Check in / Check out Resources VIP amenities and
Dusit Gold Card Holders Front Office Presentation Doorman opens the door Greeting Old Check In / Check out Process Arrival at the Canopy 1 from the airport the guest will fill up the form using IPAD / Samsung Tab Luggage Inspection Door Girl Luggage Inspection Guest being directed to the reception Greeting Registration Credit Card Authorization Keys Front Office Presentation Back Office New check in / Check out Process Paperless check in and check out is environment friendly Guests with transportation may check in while inside the car It will lessen and speed up check in process Guests without transportation will be assisted to a lounge at the lobby Check in using IPAD / Samsung Tab Welcome Drinks Keys VIP Guests Welcome to Dusit Thani Manila Ms. Smith,
I am Anita, Guest Relations Manager, I will assist you to your room. This way please... Ms. Smith, May I assist you with your luggage? Dusit Bronze Member
* Priority Check in
* Welcome Fruit amenity VIP guests can choose their own welcome amenities Dusit Silver Member
Early Check in: 11AM Late Check out: 4PM
Choice of 2 welcome amenities: Dusit Gold Member
Early Check in - 8AM Late Check out - 6PM
Additional Choice of 1 welcome amenity: Mechanics:
Every USD50 worth of money spent = 1 point.

Dusit Bronze Member - entry level
Dusit Silver Member - accumulate 2000 points
Dusit Gold Member - accumulate 5000 points Lost Luggage Guest with lost luggage
In the event that the guest lost his/her luggage at the airport, this is the best time for us to show that here at Dusit Thani Manila we care for our guests by providing them the Lost Luggage Amenity. No more Front Desk Reception Guest Room 1622 Hi! I am Alex from Housekeeping! This card is intended to personalize the service of assigned room attendant. DOR's Office VIP guests that has transportation should be roomed in. Assorted Dried Fruits and Cheese Platter if Red Wine or V1 Welcome Amenities: Fruit Bowl V1 Turn Down Amenities Spa Kit (Special Oil / Loofa etc)
with personalized note to the guest V2 Welcome Amenities: Truffles platter and a fruit bowl V2 Turn Down Amenities Mango Tray ( Rhum Mangoes, Dries Mangoes & Mango Rhum with a personalized note to the guest V3 Welcome Amenities V3 Turn Down Amenities: Dried Fruits and a Fruit Bowl Scented Candle with a personalized note. V4 Welcome Amenities Assorted Nuts and Fruit Bowl V4 Turn Down Amenities Scented Candle with a personalized note Health Options Basket (Organic Chocolate/ Granola Bar / Banana Chips / and Fruit Bowl (small only) Turn Down Amenities Eye Mask (LSG 7) / Scented Oil Kit (LSG 14) with personalized note Long Staying Guest Welcome Amenities Green Concept for the rooms Family Guest Traveling with Family: Kids are given loot bags when checking in on a weekend, have their own bathrobe and swimming floaters. Single Female Traveler Kids would tell their parents that they want to go back to Dusit Thani Manila because of all the things that we do for them. They will feel at home. - Her room is blocked near the elevator

- Guest should be assisted by a female staff

- The guest will be given a pouch bag set up inside the room. It consists of Stockings, Hair Comb, Hair tie, Sanitary Napkin and Make up remover Female guest will feel secure and safe. Top Upseller Front desk
Club Lounge
Rose Then it will go to the system. Guest name will then appear as checked in. Staff to ask guest to sign The guest signed the form using IPAD / SAMSUNG TAB Then staff to press "PRINT" By pressing "PRINT" the screen will go to the registration card of the guest with signature Heading to the guest room Regular Set Up without Occasion Airport Representatives Airport Representative Welcome to NAIA Airport A Lady Airport Representative is more appealing and pleasant It's essential to meet and greet guest at the airport. Guest Service Manager or a Guest Relations Manager to see off guest before leaving the hotel, so that guest would feel that they are important to us. ARRIVAL Lavander scent for pillows Bathroom Amenities In support to the Earth Check Program. Ladies has a natural feminine touch that she can provide to our guest. We can save minimum of Php300,000
worth of paper in a year Trees are cut down for paper globally by 60,000 square kilometers per year Fill up form then press "SEND" Lasting souvenir for a memorable stay Wedding/Honeymoon Set Up Good Bye Front Desk!! We are setting the trend to be a.. MARKET LEADER!! Housekeeping Bamboo Towels are very absorbent 1 Stem Flower for bathroom amenity Are you ready for the new

Experience? *Red Wine or White Wine Strawberries if White Wine Set up Dusit Prince & Princess - Kids checking-in with their parents will receive the royal treatment. They will experience actual check-in and check-out. The package also include a bag of goodies and more. Girls just wanna have fun... Before After
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