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No description

Karely Llorens

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of ppdII

Personal Product Development Animal Kennel On-board Karely Llorens United States Statistics 62% of all U.S households own a pet
37.2% of all U.S. households own dogs
32.4% of all U.S. households own cats
On an annual basis, $70 per dog and
$41 per cat is spent on food treats On an annual basis, $73 per dog and
$34 per cat is spent on grooming On an annual basis, $274 per dog and
$166 per cat is spent on kennel services Other Statistics 43% (11.2 million) households in the United Kingdom own a pet; 8 million dogs and 8 million cats 55 million households in Europe own a pet; 4 million dogs and 47 million cats 34% of pet owners said they spend less on their friends than on their pets Animal Kennel On-board General Idea Provide a specified place for pets where they can stay
throughout the voyage Space allows for limited number of pets Area will be maintained by an animal specialist that is going to take care of the animals day and night for the duration of the voyage Guests can pay for additional services, including specific meals, extra grooming, and more comfortable accommodation How could we implement this? Focus Group Feedback (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Weighing the benefits 75% of pet owners state that the economy doesn't change how much they spend on their pets Hey, it's not impossible! Thank you! Popular for... too old pet would
get crazy prefer to leave pet with family or friends where they could be comfortable avoid the cost of leaving pet in a kennel, doggy camp or with another person would enjoy the experience with the pet worry about the pet when they are away and would like to keep them close dealing with the cost of managing the regulations and adding extra space and personnel for the kennel developing the Celebrity pillars and bringing something unique improving customer satisfaction out of 20 people interviewed, 12 have pets regardless of all other factors, 4 would bring their pet on board with a provided kennel service, 6 would bring their pet on board However... Space and service has to be an example of Modern Luxury Needs to be high-end, luxurious, and modern By having... big spaces where the pets can relax, sleep, eat and play on the ground "cages" gourmet food, grooming treatments and extra services big space where they can run, go to the bathroom, and have room to be with their owners What can WE do? Ideal example The Pampered Pet Hotel & Spa Hotel, grooming, doggie day care and training Woodland Hills, California Kennels Presidential Dog Suite Junior Dog Suite Doggie Day Care Grooming Salon What they offer Junior dog suite, private dog suite, presidential dog suite, standard dog and Hound's lounge Doggie day care (requires temperament test) and private rooms for those who are elderly or unwilling to play in groups Grooming facilities that provides spa experiences; including organic shampoos, blow drying, oatmeal baths, massages Training classes: group classes, puppy training, etc Space Idea Colorful walls with modern furniture Two different "bedrooms" so that guests can choose the one they want Amenities for pets in each bedroom; including comfy beds, TV , radio, toys Play area in the middle with a variety of different animal toys Space Idea (continued) Have an outside large space were pets can run and play; preferably a play yard with different playing amenities Have a green lawn that can be a place where pets can play, and exemplify the modern luxury idea Pet Service Have two (2) persons attending the pets One can be in charge of the kennels and of taking care of the animals: making sure they play, rest, and are happy Other person can be in charge of the grooming, food given to pets, and any extra amenities, including the pet boutique Amenities Extra bedding Wide variety of toys At least two places where the pets can be Have sofas where owners can sit while they visit their pets Grooming with specialized shampoos and conditioners Gourmet food and treats Additional ideas: Provide the service for AquaClass guests only Further research of animals being on cabins Do special activities for owners who have their pets on board (photo shoot and special animal tours) Plenty of healthy treats Cunard Cruise Line currently has an on board kennel service As well... Investment Revenue Pricing Provide 12 kennels: 6 upper kennels for $500 and 6 lower kennels for $700 Voyages from New York to Southampton (Transatlantic) Can pets travel from one country
to another? According to the European Commission, pets that travel withing the European Union need a pet passport to go from neighboring countries Dogs that enter the United States are subject to inspection at ports of entry and may be denied access if they have disease; need proof of vaccination against rabies at least 30 days before entry Can pets enter the United Kingdom? Regulations to bring pets to the UK have been altered Pet must be prepared to follow the Pet Travel Scheme guidelines: have pet micro chipped, completed rabies vaccination, blood tests, PETS documents, 6 month rule, and tick and tapeworm treatment Guest must prepare and have documents for any country they're bringing their pets Hotels are providing accommodations for animals Hotels apply additional fees for pets "checking in" Guests have to follow hotel's pet policy Some hotels have a specific place for animals while other can stay in the guests' room Basic pricing per pet depends on duration of voyage and the kind of stateroom the guest will chose for their pet Pricing can also depend on guest: for example, there could be a discounted price for loyalty guest, captain's club guest, and those in AquaSpa Class Basic example of pricing: People who love animals and feel extremely attached to them People who don't want to leave their pets at home because they're going away for long periods of time People who don't want to incur the expenses of kennel services or leaving their pets with other people Service could target a different market like... Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Why? 71 % of LGBT say they own pets; 63% dogs and 63% cats 90% of LBT say that their pet is part of their families 64% of LGBT say they have bought their pet holiday presents Why should we target LGBT? In Miami-Dade county alone, LGBT has a market impact of over $7 billion annually with loyalty rates of 94% LGBT buying power in the U.S. is approximately $732 billion Spend more money and enjoyment; travel and entertainment Biologically LGBT can't have children, so they become pet owners Continuous expenditures Personal Opinion LALO Chispi Mia BEla Requirements Difference between pets and service animals Initial investment of
$500,000-$550,000 Remodeling existing area on board Replacing floors, walls and necessary equipment for pets Adding needed plumbing Food: dry, organic, etc Treats Toys (can be broken and need variety) Additional amenities including bedding and grooming materials Pet Clothes Shampoos and conditioners Bath treatment for pets Life jackets for pets Salary of personnel and their cabins Standard room Dog Suite 7 Day Cruise 14 Day Cruise Basic Example of Pricing Standard room Dog Suite 7 day cruise 14 day cruise $500 $1,000 $700 $1,400 Basic stay for a pet throughout the duration of the voyage Additional services and amenities offered throughout the voyage: grooming, specialized baths, pet happy hour, extended visits charge, pet boutique, etc Gratuity for personnel working with pets Hypothetical revenue Projection Assuming an 80% occupancy in every voyage, revenue from pet boarding is estimated as follows: 7 standard cabins at $500 p/week $3,500 3 dog suites at $700 p/week $2,100 Projected weekly revenue $5,600 Estimated occupancy 80% Estimated revenue $4,480 Estimated annual revenue (52 weeks) $232,960 Estimated revenue-additional services- grooming, happy hour, extended visits, pet store $130,000 Projected revenue $362,960 One Year Projection Hypothetical estimated expenses Personnel Salaries and living expenses ($2,500 p/month p/employee) $60,000 One Year Allowance for food and pet store purchases $100,000 Total estimated expenses $160,000 Estimated Net Revenue One Year Projection Revenue $362,960 Expenses $160,000 Estimated Net Income $202,960 Breakeven Point: Initial Investment $550,000 /Estimated Net Income $202,960 2.71 years Investment is recovered in Final Thoughts This analysis demonstrates that Pet Haven is a profit generating venue/service. However, this analysis does not consider the additional benefits that offering this service may have. Among them, its impact on the goodwill and value of the Celebrity brand. Q & A Pet Haven
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