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Drug Awareness School Project

Alexandra Kurtesi

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Cocaine

How is Cocaine classified?

It is classified as a stimulant that excites the central nervous system

It makes your body work faster and gives it false energy

It comes from the coca leaf and turns into cocaine after numerous chemicals are added.

Cocaine is highly addictive and expensive.
What does Cocaine look like?
Cocaine looks like a white paste when it is being made.

When shipped, powdered cocaine comes in a hard block

Powdered cocaine looks like white powder

Crack cocaine looks like crystals or chunks that are white and/or beige coloured

Liquid cocaine is clear though it looks like a different colour because the bottle is tinted to protect it

All these types of cocaine can look different when mixed with other drugs
Side Effects of Cocaine-Short Term
Different Names for Cocaine
Some different names for cocaine are C, coke, snow, stardust, blow, angie, flake, powderlines and freebase.

Some names for crack cocaine are nose candy, black rock and rock.
How Cocaine is Made
By: Alexandra Kurtesi, Ladee Nash
Adriano Dimalanta and Ayalina Jonathan

Powdered Cocaine
Crack Cocaine
Liquid Cocaine
How is Cocaine Used?
Powdered cocaine is inhaled through the nose or dissolved in water

Crack cocaine is smoked. Crack is heated to produce vapors that enter the lungs when inhaled.

The name "crack" comes from the noise it makes when heated.
How is Cocaine Used?
Injected cocaine is entered through the blood stream.

Injected cocaine is quicker and stronger than powdered cocaine and crack cocaine, but it is shorter lasting.

Canadian Laws Concerning Cocaine
Cocaine is
legal and it is considered as a serious criminal offense

Bringing and/or selling cocaine can have a sentence of life in prison.

Having a small amount for personal use can have a fine of up to $2000 and/or 7 years in prison.

In either cases, you get a criminal record for what you did.
Side Effects of Cocaine- Long Term
Increased Mental Awareness
Knowing of Senses
Dilation of pupils
Heart and Lungs:
Increased heart rate
Rapid breathing
Increased blood pressure
Reduced appetite
Exaggerated reflexes
Increased Chance of a Stroke
Increased Chance of a Heart Attack
Irregular beats
Throat, Nose and Mouth:
Bronchial damage
Nasal damage
Throat damage
Dry mouth
Black spots (Injecting only)
Weight Loss
Attention Problems
Sleep disturbance
Final Message
Cocaine is an extremely dangerous drug that has horrible side effects and dangerous chemicals in it. Be safe and say no to cocaine!
Cocaine Paste
RCMP Bust Drug Traffickers
The RCMP recently found drug traffickers mixing cocaine with asphalt powder. This surprised the RCMP because they never have had traffickers try to sneak in cocaine by mixing it with asphalt powder. The people were arrested and charged.
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