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Devan Cox

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Nonfiction

By: Devan Cox Main Idea The main idea is to imform you on offensive basketball skills Key Details This book teaches on the main offinsive skills in basketball like shooting, passing, scoring, dribbling, and rebounding The authors purpose
is to teach the reader about
basketball skills in basketball like dribbling and shooting Some facts are.... Seattles gary payton steps out and around muggsy bogues to complete a bounce pass Karl Malone boosted his free throw percantage by nearly 30% Jordan passes on the knicks instead of shooting Stockon looks for openings as he sets up the jazz offense Anderson uses a pick to get away form his defender Opinion in this booke are..... Dana barros displays the perfect free shooting The triple threat position is the best position in which to recive a pass Jamal Mashburn has near perfect mechanichs Few NBA players are more effective moving without the ball than Dan Majerle Proper spacing makes any offense more difficult to stop The text is orgainized in chronilogical order The mood was in very serious The authors tone is to inform the reader about different skills in basketball Summary This book was about offense skill in basketball. This book had heading about certain topics like shooting, rebounding etc. Under the headings there were subheadings which went into more detail. It explains how to improve your skills.
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