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QTR 2: Project Guidelines

No description

Kaneesha Chappell

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of QTR 2: Project Guidelines

Included Headers
Brandon & Adrian Abernathy- S.Africa
Additional information
Feel free to add a quote that you thought was interesting/ inspiring
( Education) Directions:
( Politics/Gov) Directions (cont)
Missionary Profile
You will need to include your personal summary of each article you add to your newspaper. Feel free to add photos related to your articles. Also, there will be a page where you add the links to the every article source and information. This will be titled

If your articles include any videos, you can embed them into your newspaper. [Click on INSERT at the top]
Brandon Abernathy grew up as a missionary kid. He lived in South Africa and Malawi with his parents before returning to the states to go to Bible school at IBC in Indianapolis, Indiana. Still feeling the call of Africa, they returned to Zambia,where Brandon's parents are missionaries today.After completing their year on AIM, they were invited to continue their ministry in Johnston City, Illinois, to work as youth pastor under the leadership of Pastor Glasco for the last 8 years.They have one son, Gavin Lee who is now the fourth generation of the Abernathy family to be missionaries in Africa. They are a vibrant and exciting young couple with many years of service to give for the work of Global Missions in Africa.
$500 Points
Due December 5, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
(Breaking News) What's The Point?
Conte defends berated Balo
Milan - Mario Balotelli is just another player and should be treated the same way as the others, Italy coach Antonio Conte said on Monday.

Conte, who has called up Balotelli for the first time since he replaced Cesare Prandelli as Italy coach in August, said he would judge the maverick striker by his performances with Italy, not Liverpool, where he has struggled to settle in.

"I'm worried that people see Balotelli differently to the others," Conte told reporters at Italy's training camp near Florence.

"Balotelli is a normal footballer, just like the others, who can also stay on the bench, or in the stands. We don't need to differentiate Balotelli from the others, he's just one of the 23 players."
QTR 2: Project Guidelines
The purpose of this assignment is to become aware of current events that are taking place within your Target Language group. The more you know about a language and its people, the more interest you will have in learning your TL!
You will create
4 separate headers
for your newspaper. These headers are:
1. Current Issues (CI) about
2. CI about
politics/ government
CI event/ breaking news
that took place and effected the country in some way
4. One missionary profile- related to your TL (obviously)
You will include 1
sub header
that could be from the following options:
1. Authentic / local ads
2. Sports section
3. Travel advertisement / page
4. Blog (cooking, advise, etc)
5. Weather forecast (real info)
*Each section is worth 100 points
Helpful Resources:
www. globalmissions.com- my example

Look! I embedded a video!



* You will need to add an additional slide to include your reference page. It should be on the LEFT SIDE of the scree above the order of slides.
You will submit this via DropBox. You will copy the presentation link into a Word document and upload that onto DropBox. I will have a folder labeled Quarter Two Cultural Project.
* Save this Word doc as a PDF file before adding it to DropBox!
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