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Gabby Douglas

a gold medal winner

Brenda Thomas

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Gabby Douglas

BY: Naiya Harris Birth Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas Citations I was born December 31,1995 in Virginia Beach,Virginia. My parents are Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins. People called me Gabby Douglas but my real name is Gabrielle. My first experience with gymnastics came when I was three when I perfected a straight cartwheel because my sister Arielle ,a former gymnast. By age 4 I had taught myself how to do a one-handed cartwheel. Early Life Some Gymnastic Achievements Gabby Douglas routines from 2012 Summer Olympics Why she is named flying squirrel. Retrieved from www.biography.com Retrieved from www.gabrielle.com Retrieved from www.timetoast.com Retrieved from www.washingstonpost.com Retrieved from www.prezi.com I am eighteen years old I won a gold medal at 18, I won a state championship at the age 8, also I placed third on the balance beam when I was 16. Retrieved from www.youtube.com My family and I. Gabby Douglas' timeline She learned how to a cartwheel by her sister, Areille. 1998 2004 She taught herself how to do a one handed cartwheel. Douglas won a gymnastics state championship 1999 She placed third on the balance beam,sixth on the vault, and ninth all around in the junior division. 2010 She was a member of the U.S. team that won the gold medal in the team finals at the 2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Tokyo,Japan. 2011 Douglas was the first African American to make the U.S. Olympic woman's gymnastics team since Dawes in 2000. 2012 1995 Gabby Douglas was born on december 31,1995. The reason I picked Gabby Douglas I chose Gabby Douglas because she inspired me by doing things that people said she couldn't do like winning a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.
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