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Freeman-CMC Resources

No description

Julie Hauber

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of Freeman-CMC Resources

Freeman Networking Events
Career Fairs
Career Shadowing
Your Connection to the CMC!
Information Sessions (hosted by companies)
Career Discussions (with alumni who are professionals in industry)
Interest Groups (Green Bull, Energy Club, Entrepreneurs Association, Real Estate Club, Women in Business, Consulting Group, etc.)
Business Honor Fraternities (Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta Sigma Pi)

Network with employers and alumni
Interact with companies
Develop a network of professionals
Get an inside look at culture and lifestyle
Explore careers
NYC, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, LA. . .
Explore different fields and career paths.
Meet with representatives from a wide range of fields.
Gain job search advice and interview experience from industry professionals.
Find out about positions available and submit your resume to recruiters.
Build on your network.
is a program for second year, undergraduate business majors that matches students with employers and/or alumni to help them expand their knowledge in the field and provide real world insight into various positions.
Provide specialized information of interest.
Serve as a way to gain more knowledge about a topic.
Typically held on
12 pm
5 pm
There are workshops on just about anything career related, including career planning, resumes, networking, interviewing, and LinkedIn.
Freeman Network Events
Career Fairs
Job Shadowing
Freeman-CMC Resources
Building Career Relationships
Explore options for the summer and school year
Practice networking
Learn about unexplored fields
Culture of business
What a business professional looks like
Day-to-day operations in a business
Job possibilities
Business concepts from classroom put into practice
Glimpse of future internships and job opportunities
Networking with professionals about how to be successful.
Keep profile updated (so CMC and employers can find you when opportunities arise).
Document review (resumes and cover letters), allow two business days.
Sign up for events (speakers, workshops, info sessions, etc) and appointments.
Job postings for both on campus and off campus positions
Look for employers and contacts.
InterviewStream for practice interviewing.
GoinGlobal resource.
aka Freeman Days
also Tulane events such as CareerWave
Fall Career Expo is October 5 and 6
details to come
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