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Oracle Succession Planning

No description

ibrahim Dhilawala

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Oracle Succession Planning

Oracle Succession Planning
Identify succession-planning requirements
Identify people in enterprise critical to business
Identify Roles (jobs and positions) that must always be staffed with competent employee to sustain business
Identify employee who may leave the enterprise due to retirement, better offers or other causes.
Identify Talent Pool
Creating a Talent Profile of each employee based on education, experience, current assignment , learning , competencies ,Performance objectives ,monetary compensation and other factors

Assess Workforce Talent
Comparing Talent Profile of workforce using compare profile function.
View performance matrices (9-Box Analysis)
Performance Vs. Potential
Performance Vs. Retention
Use suitability matching function to find person for work opportunity or work opportunity for person
Use suitability analyzer to graphically compare competencies of employee for succession planning
Pre-Implementation Check List
Competencies are defined at Job/position/Individual Levels. (Higher the levels at which competencies are defined , more accurate the results)
Updated Qualification and professional details of employees and respective links to competencies
Performance Management with latest Objective and appraisal ratings.
OLM with competency linked courses , Learning path and competency gaps.
Total compensation linked with grade and other benefits.
Additional information related to Talent profile , must be defined in SSHR/Core HR.
Functional Aspect
Oracle Succession Planning is a comprehensive and integrated talent management application that helps enterprises to obtain an extensive understanding of their workforce talent and manage succession plans for key jobs, positions and people.

Identify succession-planning requirements.
Identify talent pool based on talent profiles
Assess Workforce for potential successors
Create and Maintain Succession Plans

First Step to Succession Planning is identifying vital executive and management positions.

Identify talent pool available in the organization.

Assess workforce talent to find potential successors for key positions

Create and Maintain Succession Plans
Creating and maintain Succession Plan

For Key positions/employee identified in phase1 create succession plans with potential successors identified in phase 2.
Define additional information in succession plans to meet Business needs
Maintain existing plans to keep it updated with latest information.
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