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Ted Bundy

No description

Thomas Willson

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert Bundy
Thomas Willson
Fun facts
In one case he bit a girls nipple off. Bundy Kept An Especially Creepy Glove Compartment including a meat cleaver, a lug wrench, a knife, and a pair of crutches. Bundy Escaped Police Custody Twice. Bundy Worked For A Suicide Hotline. Ted Bundy had had gone to four different colleges. He represented himself in court because he thought no one else could do it better.
A signature is the added touches that make the crime personal to the killer. According to John Douglas, former FBI criminal profiler and bestselling author, "Bundy developed several complex signature behaviors which include: keeping the bodies for days, shampooing victim's hair and applying makeup, decapitation, inserting objects into the vaginas of some of his victims. Although this list is not entirely inclusive, it does give one an idea of Bundy's particular signature behaviors." The signatures describe Bundys drive to kill. He killed for this reason.
Ted's first murder
Ted Bundy
His full name is Theodore Robert Bundy and his nickname is Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy was described as handsome and charismatic by his young female victims. Bundy was convicted of Aggravated kidnapping, Attempted murder, Burglary, and Murder. Ted Bundy was accused of 30-100+ kills. His lawyer says that Ted told him he killed over one hundred people. The time frame of Ted Bundy's activity as a killer was between (6/23/66) and (2/9/78).

Modus Operandi


The first time Bundy killed is sort of unknown because he told different stories to different people. He didn't really talk much about his first crimes but he talked about his later crimes in depth. “Circumstantial evidence suggests that he abducted and killed eight-year-old Ann Marie Burr of Tacoma in 1961 when he was 14, an allegation he denied repeatedly” -Unkown
Ted Bundy’s modus operandi involved targeting brunette, petite Caucasian women, age ranging from 12 to 26 years. All of Ted bundys murders followed the same general MO. He would use his good looks to lure them somewhere in which he would kill them. He didnt have a consistent way in which he would do things. He loved to posses things and be in full control. He always raped his victims.
Teds Childhood
Ted Bundy claimed to have a perfectly normal childhood even though it wasn't. He had never known his dad. His mom pretended to be his sister until Bundy found out. His step dad had a volatile temper and a mild taste for pornography. That and the fact that bundy didn't have his real dad and that his mom pretended to be his sister at first were the only things that made his childhood different. Ted had good grades and was popular at one point. There is no specific event that set bundy off.
Signs of Becoming a Serial Killer
Ted Bundy had no specific signs including an obsession to start fires, animal cruelty, or bed wetting at a later stage in life. He shoplifted at a young age though and peered into womens windows while they were changing.
Teds School Life
Ted Bundy had Good grades in Junior high, and mediocre grades in highschool. In college, Bundy was accepted to Stanford and once his girlfriend broke up with him he had dropped out. Bundy then waited until the fall and re-entered the University of Washington with a sense of purpose, turning from an average student into an honor student. He excelled at his studies and became increasingly involved in local politics, continuing to work on and off for political campaigns.
Ted Bundys Experiences Relating to his Crimes.
Ted Bundy’s only experience that could have been related to his crimes was the fact that he majored in psychology in Stanford. He also was on a suicide hotline as a volunteer. "saving lives"
Social Life
In Junior high Bundy had an exceptional social life but in high school it was mediocre. He had a girlfriend in college named Stephanie and almost got married to a widow called Liz Kendall.
Ted Bundy was classified as a High Factor 1 Psychopathy, Necrophile, and had AntiSocial Personality Disorder.
Criminal Activity Prior to First Murder.
He made fake ski tickets to ski for free never was caught. He snooped around in womes yards looking through their windows when they change. He shoplifted.
What was Bundy Charged for
Initially incarcerated in Utah in 1975 for aggravated kidnapping and attempted criminal assault. This was the first time he was arrested. He escaped from jail twice. He stood for trial and in this time he lost weight so he could escape. Ted Bundy did not experience any remorse. He was able to separate his serial killer life with his normal life so he only experienced remorse when he was being his serial killer self.
Ted Bundy was sentenced to the
death penalty in Florida by the electric chair. On January 24, 1989 Ted Bundy was scheduled for execution.
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