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Unit 3B Post-Classical Era (600 - 1450 CE): Contact and Co

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brian route

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Unit 3B Post-Classical Era (600 - 1450 CE): Contact and Co

Unit 3B Post-Classical Era (600 - 1450 CE): Contact and Connection
Unit 1Foundations - River Valley Civilizations 8000 BC - 500 BC
Unit 2 Classical Civilizations 600 BCE to 500 CE
10.3A Post-Classical Era 600 - 1450 Medieval Rebuilding
Impact of Islam on (Europe TEK 4D)
- Muslim invaders
- had influence in Spain and Portugal
- Reconquista of Spain expelled Moors from Spain
Muslim advances in Spain
- Medicine, science, technology
Jews brought to Spain and persecuted
Córdoba: a great at center of learning with Muslim influence Muslim architectural influences: Alhambra
Greeks and Roman preserved

Impact of Islam on (Europe TEK 4D) - continued
Ottoman Empire
Consolidated by the Turks in Anatolia
Conquered territory in Eastern Europe
Allowed for Muslims and Christians to contact
1453 took control of Constantinople ending the Byzantine
Impact of Islam on (Europe TEK 4D) - continued
12 minute video: The Ottoman Empire
Impact of Islam on Asia
Muslims built an empire from Spain to India
Arabic language, trading, scientific & technological advances
Mongols invaded the Islamic Middle East
Islamic state survived in India-the Delhi Sultanate.
Muslims captured city of Delhi
consolidated northern India Muslims
established the Delhi Sultanate
Islam was introduced to India via these conquerors, it did not supplant Hinduism
Islam documentary
Impact of Islam on Africa
Islam spread to North Africa to the Sahara via Indian Ocean trade complex

Gold and salt trade and trade centered around trade of slaves

Significant converts to Islam were nomadic Berbers

biggest and most powerful Islamic state founded by Sundiata
most famous Muslim ruler was Mansa Musa (1312-1337)
famous throughout the region for his great pilgrimage to Mecca

Most converts were merchants or ruling elites
gained political and economic advantage by conversion
Post-Classical Interactions
Brought about by conflict, trade, and/or pilgrimages

Resulted in cultural diffusion, spread of ideas spread of technologies
Post-Classical Interactions - continued
Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities flourished in Spain

Muslim science and mathematics was spread

Jews and Christians
held government positions
paid taxes
Jews operated as moneylenders
practice of usury, charging interest, forbidden in Christianity and Islam
In General - Christians, Jews and Muslims peacefully coexisted
Asia/North African Interactions
Christians clashed with Jews and Muslims
Christian peasant attacked Jews communities marching to Constantinople
Muslims and Christians interacted through trade until the Crusades
Berbers of North Africa converted to Islam and spread Islam to Spain.
Muslim ruling class in India, yet Hinduism still here

Hindu and Muslim did not mix well

Islam’s influence was greatest in northern India

Converts to Islam came from the lowest castes of Hindus

From the Hindus - learned about Arabic numerals
Delhi Sultanate (Muslim Turkic kingdom)
THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" (2.30 minutes)
10 3B Post-Classical Era 600 - 1450 Contact and Connection
THE HISTORY OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE - Discovery History Science (full documentary)
The Crusades - Crash Course
Mansa Musa & Islam in Africa Crash Course

Andalusia Spain
Territory occupied by the Muslims in southern Spain
Called Moors
Golden Age of Jewish History
Jewish populations living in Spain welcomed the invading Muslims
freedom and tolerance for Jews
Islam JG
Ottoman Empire Documentary
Finally - The Mongols JG
Mongols Documentary
Medieval Times Documentary
Medieval Time Period in 3.5 minutes
Discovery Chan - Crusades 30 min
100 years war documentary
Crusades PPT
Full transcript