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High Performance Teams

No description

Mark Jeffery

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of High Performance Teams

Offshore Marine Services - Executive Development
Introduction by Mark Williamson
ODG Solutions
Importance of Process
Understanding what is a High Performance team
How does a high performance Executive Team impact on culture and performance
How values and behaviours are linked to culture and performance
What do we want to be known for as an Executive Team?
What are our personal preferences, tendencies and styles that will impact on this?

Importance of Process
How do we as a team drive cultural change throughout the organisation?
How will we measure our success as an Executive Team?
How will we streamlinen decision making for our team to resolve complex issues?
How will we cascade our messages throuhgout the organisation?
Models for Teams
Models for Teams
Self Reflection - MBTI
LSI - Lifestyles Inventory
How this impacts?
LSI Must Do
Each breakout Circumplex requires a minimum of 3 completed surveys (e.g. for Direct Reports – 3 completed direct report surveys).
Your High Level Manager’s Circumplex will be visible and therefore transparent.
No other survey respondents can be identified throughout the process.
As a matter of process you should choose a minimum of 3-4 peers, 3-5 direct reports and a high level manager. You may choose 2 high level managers (e.g. 1 from current organisation, 1 from recent organisation)

What Next?
Decide upon respondents for LSI
Wait for email correspondence from Mark Jeffery
Speak to each respondent face to face (where possible) and encourage them to complete the survey as soon as possible.
One-on-one feedback session prior to workshop
Workshop in January
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