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Prezi About Me

Brief overview of my life and what I am like

Massimo Lesti

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Prezi About Me

Massimo Alfredo Lesti
5th Christian Living About Me Early Life I was born in Berkeley and lived in Richmond with my family until I was one We moved to Napa and I have lived here ever since I am usually pretty reserved and introverted, but I still like being open and social around people My Personality I can be a good leader when things need to get done I am a very loyal person, and I try to give out as much kindness as I want to take in As well as my mom and dad, I have an older brother and an older sister. My Family My brother is also married with a son and a baby girl on the way! Coming from an Italian family, we are all very close, even with extended family I grew up playing with my childhood friends and going to my grandma's house with my cousin, Chad I went to St. Apollinaris in Napa for my elementary and middle school. Growing up, I played sports like soccer, baseball, golf, and basketball I try to have fun, but I have a tendancy to take life too seriously Favorite Activities One of my favorite sports is Golf I also enjoy unwinding by playing videogames. One of my main passions is guitar, and music in general I like to read as well, especially classics like Lord of the Rings or 1984 I always love hanging out with my dog, Gus Interests Music in general. Like finding new artists, or experiencing a new genre My favorite sports team is the Giants I like the 49ers too I am interested in the study of language and speech, especially things like rhetoric and persuasive arguements
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