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Social Media Addiction [English]

No description

googooexa 15

on 7 February 2019

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Transcript of Social Media Addiction [English]


Social Media : Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks (Internet).

Social media brings me closer to people with whom I ordinarily would seldom interact. Family, friends, colleagues.
People are entertained because mostly Social Media easy & free to access. This is could be the main factor why people addicted with Social Media.
As we adopt social media to connect personally and with companies, businesses will need to respond. Business responded to the invention of the telephone, fax machine, FedEx, and email. But have businesses truly responded to the rise of social media? Largely, they have not.
That's why companies need to change their culture, their people, their process, and their measuring sticks to succeed in real-time business.
New Entertainment Facilities
Fear of Missing Out (FoMO)
is a fear of be late updating, some people opine that a person who's not update their
Social Media
looks like a fool. That's the reason why some people get a
addiction, the person who get
always keep updating & scrolling their Social Media.
How to solve the problem?
Acknowledge your addiction. Accept the fact that you are addicted and know that you ought to get over this addiction for a better lifestyle.
Whenever you have that urge to log in to see what's new, stop and think why you joined this social networking site in the first place, to connect with old friends or find people with common interests.
Next, think how much time you would be needing for these activities that you signed up for, be fair to yourself and make a time table with time slots of the various activities you do while online. Say, 15 minutes for checking and replying to notifications and 10 minutes to update your profile etc.
Now, stick to this time slot and only use the social networking site when you know that all your days work is done over with. Do not promise yourself that you will be online for 20 minutes and then get back to work, it doesn't work and you'll find that 2 hours have flown by and you are still online and your work is pending. Only and only log in once you are completely free of all your responsibilities.
Delete extra people from your friend list, the more the people, the more vast your news feed, and the more time you spend checking things out while you could be engaging in a useful activity. Change that wooping 4 digit number to a reasonable number of friends who you really know and conciser as friends
If you have an important assignment coming up then temporarily deactivate your account or install COLD TURKEY, a programme which physically blocks you from various addicting sites.
Think about the useful things you could be doing instead of wasting time on these sites. You could: Learn a new language, play an instrument, socialize physically and not virtually, get fit and exercise, learn a new recipe, take the dog out, date an attractive guy/girl, do yoga, read a book or even pursue a fun hobby.
If none of the above works out, take a deep breath, muster your courage and permanently delete your account, remember it's for the best.
Believe in yourself, you know you can do it, beat that addiction)
Explore the virtual world and social networking will reduce the concentration when they do along with work activities. Mind will become more branched and usually likely to choose to continue surfing the
Social Media
rather than continue the work or complete their work.
Negative Effect Cause of
Social Media
(Negative Effects of Social Networking)
Be passive in the Real World
Addiction to social networking will make you apathetic or do not care about anything that happens in the real world.
You are to busy to spend your time with chatting, tweeting and other.
Wasting of Time
Spending time in front of a computer or other gadgets just to connect with social networking is certainly an activity that wasting time. Many things are far more beneficial to you than just doing "Chatting" on the Internet social networking. Waste of time would limit the opportunity to involved in more productive activities.
Waste of Money
Overuse of
Social Media
can lead to wasting of money and
Social Media
addiction will make you not care about this. It would be a problem when you have to pay the internet bills are piling up at the end of the month.
Health Impaired
Health disorders, Social media addiction is not a positive thing. addiction and will affect your thoughts and feelings. People who are addicted to social networking will unconsciously ignore their health because they think updating
Social Media
it more fun than consider their health condition.
Since first Social Media launched (Friendster) in 2002, the social networking site at the time to be booming, and the existence. and finally social media became phenomenal. From time to the time another Social Media launched, like MySpace (2003), Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), Wiser (2007), Google+ (2011).
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