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Code-Switching in Popular Culture

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Jacquelyn Serra

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Code-Switching in Popular Culture

Code-Switching in Popular Culture
Kanye West
- In this clip Kanye West is talking about how he changes his voice to his "white voice" depending on who he is with. This shows that people are aware that code-switching is around them and they do it without realizing what it is. Kanye West knows when he needs to change the way he speaks depending on who he is with.
"I Love Lucy"
- In this clip Ricky is code-switching between Spanish and English so Lucy can communicate with them. In many households with where two languages are spoken they tend to code-switch between the two depending on who is around. Ricky talks English to Lucy and Spanish to his friends.
- "the switching from the linguistic system of one language or dialect to that of another"
"The Big Bang Theory"
- In "The Big Bang Theory" clip they are code-switching between English and an Indian accent. It's a funny clip showing that people think that they may need to speak in a certain way to fit in or not make fun of people. Raj feels like his native accent will actually make fun of people in India.
"Harry Potter" Characters
- As we a know, the characters in "Harry Potter" are from Britain so they speak with a British accent, but in this clip they are code-switching between American English and British English accents. Many actors and actresses code-switch between accents to fit a certain role
"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
- In the example given below, Carlton is talking in a way that he believes will fit in with other African Americans even though that isn't how he always talks. Throughout the clip Carlton is code-switching between how he usually talks and how he thinks he should talk to other African Americans.
By: Jacqui, Casey, & Laura
- In this clip Obama is visiting a
local restaurant, at about 25 seconds you hear him say "No we're straight" and this isn't something he would say in an interview. He is code-switching because he doesn't have to be as formal in this setting.
- Code-switching isn't just something
that students do in the classroom,
code-switching is very prevalent in popular culture in things such as television shows and movies.
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