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Mechanical Drafting Display Case Presentation

Display Case presentation

Anthony Lohmiller

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Mechanical Drafting Display Case Presentation

Display Case By Isabella Her
Clay Krueger
Gavin Ezzell
Auggie Gill
Jack Poirier
Anthony Lohmiller Display Case Overview Dark Walnut Display Case
5ft x 2ft x 6ft
Acrylic plastic windows
Three main shelves
Four wheels
Rope lighting
A waterfall in the back Materials Black walnut wood
cost is $2.10 per board foot
we will need 192 board feet
buying from Northwest Hardwoods Acrylic Plastic
cost is $119.30
we will need three
4ft x 8ft sheets
buying from
Acryrite Water Pump
cost is $27.54
we will need one
pump will be 265 gallons
per hour
buying from Pump Tubing
cost is $13.84
we will need one
one inch in diameter
buying from Steel Rods
cost $10.25
we will need 20ft rods
three rods
buying from
Wiedenbeck Wheels
cost $66.70
we will need four
two rotate, two fixed
buying from
Menards Rope lighting
cost is $46.90
we will need 15ft
buying from Hex Leg Bolts
Cost is $2.50 for 21
size is 5/16 2inch.
Buying from
Menards Chlorine Powder
cost $10
we will need 1 lb.
buying from
Bachmann's pools Fall back Ideas 1.) We will make our display case without the waterfall in the back, and still have the rest of it the same.
2.) Same as plan B but we will leave out the back sheets of acrylic plastic to make it cheaper. Materials Water Tank
cost is $123.99
we will need one
buying from Petsmart Hinges
cost is $15.44
we will need two
four piece sets
buying from
Menards PVC Pipe
cost is $9.79
we will need one ten foot tube
buying from
Home Depot Any Questions?
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