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dream trip


taylor ross

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of dream trip

The Dream Trip of a Life Time GREECE How i'm getting there I am taking American Airlines.I am leaving from Detroit Metro Airport. Also the flight there and back will cost $1.056.00. The place Where i'm Staying The hotel that I am staying at for the week is the Titania. It costs $536.00 Euros for me to stay there for six nights. Exchange Rate 1.00 Euro = 1.34 Canadian FOODS Things to do Day 1: I will arive in Athens at 8:00 a.m. our time. Then once we get to the hotel and check in, we will go up to our room and sleep for a little. The flight is 12 hours long and there is a time difference of 7 hours, so it is 3 p.m. their time. We decide to walk around the block close to the hotel.

Day 2: We walk around downtown Athens and discover the city. We go to the Zappeon where the National Gardens are, and then look for Zeus' temple just outside of the gardens. From there, we want to find Syngata Square. This is the hub of the city.

Day 3: We wake up and have breakfast around 9:00 a.m. and then take to the streets and walk to the Acropolis. It's suppose to take us an hour to walk there and then a half an hour to walk up to the top where the Parthenon is. We are suppose to be able to see the whole city and the Adriatic Sea. After spending 2 hours visiting the different ruins we will walk down. We then will venture the streets of Athens and head back to our hotel for supper.

Day 4: We decide to get up and go shopping and hope to find some good stores and great buys. We want to visit the original Olympic stadium.

Day 5: We get up bright and early and have to catch a bus for 7 a.m. for a one day cruise to some Greek islands. The bus will take us to the harbour where we catch a small cruise boat and start our 3 island cruise. Our first stop is a little island called Hydra. Here, there are no motor vehicles at all on the island. The only way to get around is on donkey. We can go cliff diving. The water is suppose to be blue as this background, but is very salty. From Hydra, we go to Poros, and we are only stay for a hour and then head to Ageana. This is the pistachio capital and has a Saint burried here as well. We will visit one of the most well preservered ruins left.
We will get back to Athens late at night and head straight to the hotel.

Day 6: We pack up and make our way to the airport.

I really enjoyed the food
in Greece. My most favourite
food was slouvaki. It was fresh
lamb and pork. The tzaiki sauce
is made from fresh yogurt and
cucumbers. We were told not to buy
Gyros, because that is the same as
our hotdogs. Their breads are
extremely thick and some of them
have chocolate in the middle of
them. There are bread vendors, that
have fresh pretzel like breads every
morning. A greek salad is made up
of only vegetables and a slab of feta
cheese and huge black olives. I can't
wait to taste it again and try different
foods made with grape leaves and eggplant. Restaurants
There are many coffee
shops along the streets.
The main restaurants are
found deep in the city.
The restaurant that most of the
Greeks go to is deep within the
city. We are told at 10:00 p.m. at
night it is packed with people.
Safety This is a safe trip
for me because Greece
is well policed. There
is always someone who
is able to speak English.
It is a democratic country
as well. Climate The climate in Greece
is very tropical. It
is warm with a constant
breeze from the Adriatic
Sea. Athens has mountains
surrounding it and faces
the sea.
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