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Myleisha Colon

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Sonography

Is a not invasive procedure (the skin is not perforated) that is in use for evaluating the organs and structures inside the abdomen, such as the liver, the biliary bladder, the pancreas, the biliary conduits, spleen and the abdominal aorta.
To visualize by means of a screen diverse parts of the body as the abdomen, the breasts, the pelvic region, the testicles, the prostate, the thyroid, different blood glasses, the embryo and the fetus during the pregnancy, as well as many other structures.
It has many indications and practically in all the organs of the body.
- some of the information that can be obtained by means of the sonography cannot be detected by any other way, since it happens for example in the demonstration of fetal life in the early pregnancy.
- it is one of the technologies of choice to detect injuries that contain liquid in the organs since are the cysts. Agreement of the patient: The physical beginning and the technologies of managing are essential to understand the nature of the ultrasounds and his clinical applications and to acquire diagnostic images of high quality.
Allows a rapid visualization of the organs and abdominal structures from out of the body. The ultrasound also can be in use for examining the blood flow towards the abdominal organs.

· Speed (V)
· Displacement of the wave for unit of time
· Depends on the crossed way
· 1.540 m/s in biological fabrics
· Wave length
· Distance occupied by a cycle (mm)
· Period
·Time occupied by the development with the wave (s)
· Frequency (F)
· N º on periods in second (Hz)
Tries X-rays routine is realized of form in women of more than 40 years to detect the tumors in his initial phases. There can be detected tumors of only 3-5 centimeters.
Seleccionador Transmisor

· To establish the age of the fetus
· To confirm the vitality of the same one · To determine the lease
· To check the children's quantity being in preparation (for multiple pregnancies) · To observe the growth
· To reject abnormalities
· To determine the sex
· To establish the position of the placenta with relation to the neck of the uterus
· To study the movement and the cardiac beating of the fetus Imagens Introduction
The ultrasound always has existed in the nature. It is a useful tool for several alive beings (as in the acquaintance I marry of the bats). Nevertheless, newly in 1790 there are had the first human records of the existence of the phenomenon and the human initiation he is during the world war of 1914. Consequently, it is a field of the acústica that one finds in constant development and whose advances they present improvements to the quality of life of an evident way. In the following work there will be established what is the ultrasound and a historical analysis will be done from the point of view of the scientific community. In addition, there will be studied different uses that give him nowadays to the ultrasound in order to expose his relevancy, not only for the experts of acoustics but also for the humanity in his set. The patient is placed in a stretcher together with the equipment and, in the zone of the body that wants to be explored there is applied a transparent gel which function is to increase the conduction of the ultrasounds across the skin. Instrument that creates images directly to the computer.
Carries out often for filiar an abdominal pain and to investigate on his reason. On the other hand it is a very thin method to detect stones in the kidney and the biliary bladder, as well as in the biliary and urinary routes. Sonography I TARGET: USES OF THE SONOGRAPHY: CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ULTRASOUND: THE TECHNOLOGY OF ULTRASOUND EXAMPLES: The ultrasound is used in obstetric for: The ultrasound is used for: Parts of the ultrasound: Mamography The abdominal sonography: CONCLUSION
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