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Manager Interview Presentation

Dennis Delaney Assistant Store Manager

Jesse Nichter

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Manager Interview Presentation

Josh Sommer Jesse Nichter Mihail Josan Nick Giambra Andy Cassidy Background Best Practices Business Person Job Communication Organization Areas for Improvement More Relaxed Environment Interaction with Customers Dennis Delaney
B.S. Business Administration-Buffalo State College
Assistant store manager, Valu Home Centers
Over 40 years of retail experience
Has held current position for 12 years
Valu Home Centers
Retail Home Improvement store
Known throughout the community for their involement
41 Stores in Western and Central NY, Northwestern PA
In business for over 41 years
Private Corporation
"Today's Local Corner Hardware Store"

Assistant Store Manager, Valu Home Centers
works on a store level
executes orders from corporate headquarters
customer service
inventory control
oversees 26 employees
Incentive Programs Hierarchical Structure


vice president

district manager

store manager

assistant store manager

floor manager


"I set up a road map to show my employees where they are and what goals need to be achieved." -Dennis Delaney

encourages his employees to be creative
middle man between associates and upper management
informal communication style
self efficacy theory
comfortable atmosphere

WOW Program

Employee of the Year

Holiday Party

"By staying organized, I make sure jobs are assigned to the properly qualified associates." -Dennis Delaney

coordinates employee availability to create flexible schedule
meet deadlines for inventory orders
plans tasks according to employee schedules
constant job rotation

"In the past, we've had floor managers who facilitated a friendly atmopshere while always accomplishing tasks. Due to recent re-structuring within the company, tasks are still completed, however this relaxed environment has taken a back seat." -Dennis Delaney

"Don't make work like work" - Dennis Delaney

cater management style to the mood of each employee

"Valu Home Centers is a family owned, community focused organization which stands behind a long tradition of "GREAT" customer service. We strive to exceed customer expectations with knowledgeable and friendly associates, convenient locations and competitive prices. We set out to provide that "out of the box" shopping experience, building relationships one project at a time." Mission Statement Manager Survey Business
Mission Statement
Job One at a time
Better distribution of resources
"During the busier times, it's hard to juggle the managemnt side of things and the customer service aspect of the job. It's time like that where I really need to focus and say, 'My job is customer service.' -Dennis Delaney Group recommendations Summary Background
Best Practices
-incentive programs

Areas of Improvement
how many employees does Dennis oversee?
what were two of Dennis Delaney's best practices?
how long has the company been in business?

???QUESTIONS??? Keeping employees motivated Encourage all the store employees to participate in the incentive programs offered
Create a friendly environment and make sure there are no altercations between employees
Offer raises more often Transformational Leader Inspires employees to transcend
their own self-interests for
the good of the organization Focus on concerns and
needs of individual employees Can inspire/motivate employees to put forth
extra effort
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