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Robin Hood

No description

hannah hester

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Robin Hood

Robin Hood
How Did He Affect Literature?
How Has Robin Hood Change Over Time?
What Did He Do?
He fell in love with Maid Marian.

He stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

He's against the Sheriff and the Tax Collectors.

He stood up for the less fortunate.
Who Is Robin Hood?
He was a Hero of
the 14 century.

He was an outlaw
who helped the poor.

He was a archer and
a great swordsman.


Instead of fighting a monster, he helped people in need, and he fell in love.
Also spelled Robyn Hode

The birth of Robin Hood- Jan 17, 1160
The death of Robin Hood- Dec 17, 1247

Instead of being passed down orally, there are books, movies and television shows about Robin Hood

Disney Version of Robin Hood- Clip
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