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Exploring Engineering Education

No description

Ruth Wertz

on 28 December 2010

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Transcript of Exploring Engineering Education

What is engineering? tension engineering shapes our world... ...how we play ...how we live our world shapes engineering... ...how we learn that drive our future. cultural influence of engineering... ...cultural influence on engineering. What do engineers need to know? To meet these challenges... How do we prepare engineers? Engineering Attributes strong analytical skills practical ingenuity communication creativity business and management leadership high ethical standards & professionalism adaptablity lifelong learners global competence tension crowded four-year engineering curriculum... ...graduating well-rounded and capable engineers Sociology Ethics Business ...how we connect strong critical thinking skills strong problem solving skills Making the impossible... ...possible ...how we explore Innovation Design traditional math and science humanities other important skills... ABET EC2000 Engineer of 2020 Mathematics Science Physics Chemistry Critical Thinking Diversity Engineering Education Scholarship in Teaching Rigorous Research Managing Tensions new technologies
traditional classroom practices access vs. attrition theoretical grounding
practical skills Using research-based teaching, inquiry, and investigation to increase student learning Engineering epistemologies "What do we teach?" "Who do we teach?" Diversity and inclusiveness Engineering learning mechanisms "How do people learn?" Engineering assessment "Is it working?" "How do we teach?" Engineering learning systems ...how we eat ...how we travel with global challenges... View this on YouTube
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