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Music & Politics

No description

Scott Flaherty

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Music & Politics

What do you think makes a good protest song?
Based on current events
Musicians and Politicians
The Politics of Hip-Hop: A Case Study
National Anthems
Music, Politics and the State
'Fuck tha Police' - Hip-hop's first protest song?
Takes the form of a trial against the LAPD.
Monitored by the FBI.
1992: LA Riots
1996: Belgrade
The Future of Political Hip-Hop
Run the Jewels 2: "Most Punk Album of 2014"
Michael Brown & Ferguson Riots
Critical and commercial success
Grimey Politics in the UK
"Our art is a reflection of our reality"
Grime and its London roots
Aggressive and raw sound
London Riots: is Grime representative of society?
Influenced by the society it developed in
The resurgence of the genre
Music and the State
Protests Songs and Politics
Case Study: Hip-hop and Grime
Task: Quiz

1. What are the names of the five members of NWA?

a. DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E, MC Ren
b. DJ Hella, Dr. Dre, Nice Cube, Eazy B, MC Ren
c. DJ Yella, Mr. Dre, Rice Cube, Hazy E, MC Ren
2. From what area of London did Grime originate?
a. West b. North
c. East
3. What is the real name of Run the Jewels, frontman Killer Mike?

a. Michael Brown b.Michael Render
c. James Jones
4. What year did Rage Against the Machine reach no. 1 in the UK with Killing in the Name?
a. 2008 b. 2009

5. What was the name of the Clash's debut album?
a. The Clash b. London Calling
c. White Riot
-National Pride + Loyalty
Showcases strength
Powerful tool for the state
Speak of National triumph
6. What controversial claim did Kanye West make about George Bush following the hurricane in New Orleans
a. He doesn't care about
black people
b. He was behind the
c. He laughed at the news
of the hurricane
d. He wrote the song
'Gold Digger' for him
7. What is the name of the American
national anthem?
a. Star Spangled Banner
b. Oh say can you see
c. Land of the free
d. Uptown Funk
End of the Quiz
Music can change how we think and feel about a situation therefore protest songs are used to try and encourage us to think about the situation, provoke change.
Can be traced back through the years
Defining moments create protest songs
Distinction and Aristocracy of Culture, Pierre Bordieu
Attali, Noise: Chapter 4
Lynskey, Dorian : 33 revolutions per minute, 2011
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