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West Africa

No description

J Albert

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of West Africa

West Africa Region by Jenna and Jake Physical Geography Location Mauritania
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone

Borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea.
The Sahel runs through the center of West Africa as well as the Tropic of Cancer. The Sahel crosses the Northern Senegal and Burkina Fasso and the southern portions of Mauritania, Mali, and Niger. It receives 6-24 inches of rainfall. Their rainy seasons is from July to September. Farmers raise crops during the rainy seasons. Herders raise camels, cattle, and sheep. Sahel grasslands are turning to deserts, a process called desertification. In less than 50 years, 250,000 square miles of the Sahel was turned into desert. The soil was worn out mainly because of overgrazing. Severe droughts camo in the 1970's and 1980's. Landforms Climate Over 80 inches of rainfall toward the south.
0- 20 inches of rainfall closer to the northern area.
500- 1000 feet above sea level in West Africa.
West Africa has an all year growing season.
Part of the Sahara desert is toward the northern area.
The tropic of cancer runs through Mauritania, Mali, and Niger.
Traditional People Who are they?
They are Mandeng people. What are they like?
They enjoy music and dancing today. Dance is a very big part in
West African culture today.
Are they having issues surviving in the modern world?
Yes, there has been earthquakes and natural disasters going on. Also, they have a low life expectancy rate and high infant mortality rate. Government Niger- republic
Mauritania- military junta
Mali- republic
Nigeria- federal republic
Benin- republic
Togo- republic
Ghana- constitutional democracy
Burkina Faso- parliamentary republic
Ivory Coast- none
Liberia- republic
Sierra Leone- constitutional democracy
Guinea- republic
Guinea Bissau- republic
Senegal- republic
Gambia- republic

Popular Culture West Africa is probably the poorest region in the world.
Highest infant mortality rates.
Lowest life expectancy. Would you like to visit this area today? Why or why not? Jenna-
I would not like to go to West Africa. One reason is because of the high infant mortality rate. If they can't take care of a baby, I would not take the chance of getting sick or injured and have them take care of me. Another reason is that their houses aren't sturdy and I wouldn't want to be vulnerable if there was an emergency situation. Also, the most populated region is in the Sahara, and I don't like super hot temperatures. My last reason is that I'm a very picky eater, and some of the things they eat disgust me except for cocoa beans, but I can't eat that all week. Jake-
I not like to go to West Africa for a week. It's very unsanitary there. There is a lot of diseases there such as leukemia, Locost, and Cancer. If I got one of those diseases I would have to go to the emergency room, because the diseases are extermely harmful. The doctors or hospitals there probably are not that well trained or have enough experence. Plus, the mediceine is probably not as strong as mediceine here in the U.S. If they use needles they do not have alchol or cleaning material to clean them, so they have germs and bacteria on it with the disease on it. Another reason for not going is because of the basic necessities that we will not have down there. There will not be no t.v, U.S. food, clean showers, clean food, clean water, and no soft or comfortble. Most of the governments are effective because 3/4's of them are republicans. Most of them could work together as one big country, because most of them are republicans. References https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world/factbook/goes/mr.html http:/go-passport
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