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Internet Marketing

No description

Yann Legros

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Internet Marketing

Introduction to Internet Marketing Why should you do Internet Marketing? faster Who am I? Yann Legros
32 years old I have been Internet Marketing since 2009
and my websites are my only source income What is Internet Marketing? A process to sell on the internet Without the process what happens? 'Suspects' come to your website
See your product
About 1 / 400 suspect will buy
You need to have a huge traffic With the process what happens? 'Suspects' come to your website Access to a squeeze page where they give their email address to have:
a gift
some good content
or, something else that is worth giving their address in exchange

A good squeeze page can convert up to 45% of 'suspects' A 'suspect' who joins a mailing list becomes a 'prospect'
They have subscribed to your auto responder
and receive by email some good information

Receive follow up
Receive broadcast Link to a sales page (Video/Text/Audio) with a product

A good sales page can convert up to 10% of 'prospects' Capture page to become a customer

Up to 4.5 % of your 'suspects' will buy

18 times more than without this process How to find a niche?
(very important work to do) think about something
think about problems concerning that thing
search for problems for people
what make them scared, frustrated

take some notes... Google AdWords Keyword Tool
https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool Global Monthly Search / "Google Results" >= 0,4

For this example:
14 800 / 10 500 = 1,41 To have a good niche : Another example In this example :
14 800 / 3230 = 4,58
This is an excellent one Calculate the ratio for each of these keywords There are many different ways to find a niche
but this one is the one I'm using, and it's
working well for me What will you sell? How to create your own product? refer to people's problems
find solutions to their problems
choose your product format (pdf, audio, video, seminar, coaching ...)
create your product
create your emails (80 % of information, 20% of call to action)
create your sales letter How to sell affiliate products? What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a revenue-sharing venture between a website owner and an online merchant.

The website owner (affiliate) places advertisements on their site to either help sell the merchant's products or to send potential customers to the merchant's website. This is done in exchange for a share of the profits.

To resume :
You sell other's products.
You earn up to 80% commission of the price of the product.
You have tens of thousands of products waiting for you.
You don't have to do the after sale service. How to do affiliate marketing? Subscribe to an affiliate platform : e.g. www.clickbank.com
Choose your product
Get your tracking link
Create your emails
Insert that link in your emails How to sell Private Label Rights products? A private label resell rights allows you to :
resell the product
edit the content or product and claim it as your own work (meaning, you become its author)

Private Label Rights vary, with licenses offering full authorship while others limit distribution, and restrict what can be done with the content (restricted private label versus unrestricted private label) What is a Private Label Rights product? How to sell Private Label Right product? search on Google "private label rights" +your keywords / "PLR" + your keywords
buy the rights
modify / translate your product
insert your product on your website
create your emails or buy some PLR articles
link to your sales letter Website / Blog Analytics Tool Auto Responder PayPal account About your Website You need a host. Free Host Paid Host Advertising
Slow connection
Bad After Sell Service
Limited services Do you really want to be a professional? You need a blog platform The best host I've found is :

HostMonster Good after sell service
Reactive support
Everything is UNLIMITED
Unlimited Host Domains Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress WordPress is today the best blogging platform 20 000+ plug-ins are waiting for you
Thousands of themes
User friendly
Complete, easy and simple tool
Completely customizable Go to www.wordpress.com
Create a FREE blog using your keyword : keyword.wordpress.com
Choose a different theme (Appearance -> Themes) Free service is used in this example but, for obvious reasons, it's recommended to install WordPress on your host with your own domain name Here is a non exhaustive list of plug-ins you need : Useful Plug-ins Pages you need to have on your blog About (Purpose of page = Build credibility)
Users always click on the "About us" page, to learn more about the company, BEFORE they complete an order, BEFORE they sign-up and BEFORE they decide to trust your company.
Include information about your company's geographic location, years in business, business model and best way to get in touch with you Contact us (Purpose of page = Reinforce Credibility)
Just include a contact form Terms and Conditions (Purpose of page = Protect yourself)
Don't underestimate this one. Make your T&C page as detailed as possible, so that you protect your interests. Privacy Policy (Purpose of page = Reassurance)
Users are going to skim through this page to ensure there are no gotchas, associated with using your product/service Tip : You can find generators on the web :) Plug-ins are pre-configured except for
Platinum SEO Plug-in Google Analytics
www.google.com/analytics/ Powerful FREE analytics tool from Google You can have access to most of the information you need such as : numbers of visits
numbers of unique visitors
numbers of page views
numbers of pages / visit
average visit duration
bounce rate (total visitors viewing 1 page / total entries)
new visits / returning visitors
traffic sources
... Let's see an online demo ! How to install Google Analytics on your blog? You need a new plug-in: Simple Google Analytics In Google Analytics : A/B Test creation procedure A/B Testing Tests are MANDATORY in Internet Marketing
in order to improve your conversion rate What is an A/B test? What could you test? EVERYTHING Headline, text, color, pictures, price, form, call to action ...
everything Let's do it together with Google Analytics ... Test page A against page B, and/or C, and/or D ...
to check which one give the best result/goal Check this page : www.removedogurinesmell.com/test 3 possibilities Auto Responder Skip and don't have any auto responder Find an auto responder script or free auto responder Pay for a service (like all professionals do) 80% of your sales will come from your auto responder Do you still think you can skip having an auto responder ? WHEN and IF your messages will arrive to your prospect, it will have a lot of advertising (not yours) Most of the time your messages are stuck in spams (not white listed), and never arrive If you have a php script, your email provider allows you to send maximum 500 emails / day If you want to switch to a powerful auto responder you'll loose a lot of your list, because they will need to subscribe, once again You can send unlimited message They will ALWAYS arrive and will be ALWAYS on time You have better form's design You can track your statistics ( click rate, open rate ... ) Some globally known auto responders up to 500 subscribers
$14.00 monthly
up to 2,500 subscribers
$29.00 monthly
up to 5,000 subscribers
$47.00 monthly

free for less than 100 subscribers up to 1,000 subscribers
$15.00 monthly
up to 2,500 subscribers
$25.00 monthly
up to 10,000 subscribers
$65.00 monthly

30 days free trial up to 500 subscribers
$10.00 monthly
up to 2,500 subscribers
$30.00 monthly
up to 5,000 subscribers
$50.00 monthly

(don't use the forever free plan, you can't use it for internet marketing) up to 500 subscribers
$19.00 monthly
up to 2,500 subscribers
$29.00 monthly
up to 5,000 subscribers
$49.00 monthly

1st month is only $1 Money is in the list! Which one is the best auto responder? They all perform with a good delivery rate
Some are more user friendly, smoother, have a better design The most beautiful form I've done with iContact in 10 min The most beautiful form I've done with AWeber in 4 min Let's take a look at Aweber ... To receive money from :
your affiliates sales
selling your products (with your own 'Buy' button) You need a PayPal account Go to www.paypal.com
Create an account (or sign in with yours)
Validate your account
Upgrade it to a 'premier' account (free)
(https://www.paypal.com/UPGRADE) How to create a Paypal account? How to create a 'Buy' Button ? URL of your sales letter URL of your thank you page Paypal Group 1 :
remove dog urine from carpet
how to get rid of dog smells
skunk smell removal from house
remove pet odor
carpet cleaning pet urine Group 2 :
remove pet stains from carpet
dog urine smell in carpet
odor removal products
how to eliminate urine smell in carpet
how to remove dog odor Group 3 :
how do you remove urine smell from carpet
remove odor from house
how to eliminate pet urine odor
how to get rid of urine smell in carpet
pet urine odor removal How often will you send your emails? Have you heard of the Fibonacci numbers? Everyday? This will disturb your prospects and they will cancel you Every week? Twice a month? Your prospects will forget you ... By definition, the first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 0 and 1, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. Leonardo Pisano Bigollo (c. 1170 – c. 1250) also known as Leonardo of Pisa, Leonardo Pisano, Leonardo Bonacci, Leonardo Fibonacci, or, most commonly, simply Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician, considered by some "the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages. Fibonacci numbers will help us to create our email campaign With 13 emails we will cover more than 1 year Here is our email sequence :
0 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55 - 89 - 144 - 233 - 377 Do NOT try to sell at the 1st email. How to sell? Always give 80% good information and 20% sell (with call to action) Start selling at the 4th email How to bring traffic to your website? You have different ways to bring traffic to your website Wrong ways buying a list of emails spam marketing SMS marketing word of mouth Good ways create a video and upload to YouTube web advertising (Google AdWords)
quick and important to do at the beginning for your tests SEO with the long tail talk about your blog on many forums SEO using the long tail Do you remember your keywords with a good ratio? You need to create a post for each keyword with : keyword in the title keyword in you text with a density between 3% and 6%
(for 100 words you should have between 3 and 6 of your keywords) at least 450 words 1 keyword in bold, 1 in italic, 1 underline your 1st sentence should include your keyword at least 1 picture named with your keywords You need to create some back links (BL) to your website at least 3 BL a day (everyday) go on the forums, and when you talk about your subject include a link to your website (you can also have a link on your signature) read and post a comment on each blog talking about your subject (your comment will include a BL to your website) it's better to post a BL on a blog talking about your subject BUT you can have BL everywhere
BUT your SEO will be better with related BL social media marketing (facebook, Twitter) create a facebook account (with fan page) and a twitter account, with BL to your website Program of the day The concept of internet marketing The tools you must use to succeed quickly How to easily find a niche How to find or create a product to sell How to bring a huge traffic to your website Question Time! real time results work anywhere cheap A surprise which will help you to have 40% more sells Upselling or One Time Offer (OTO) Upselling (sometimes "up-selling") is a sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale.
Upselling usually involves marketing more profitable services or products but can also be simply exposing the customer to other options that were perhaps not considered previously. In internet marketing, up to 40% of the buyers buy the upsell What kind of upsell could you have? When can you do an upsell? Just after the sale Only for your OWN product For an affiliate product, if the seller has an upsell, generally you don't have a commission on it If you are selling an ebook your upsell could be : the audio of the ebook the video of the ebook 1 hour skype conference with you ... Upsell's rules always propose something related to your product propose toothpaste if your are selling toothbrush propose a pack of 3 toothbrush with a 30% discount BUT don't propose a perfume if your are selling toothbrush always give a discount always have a price a least double of your product further mode don't propose a laptop if you are selling a toothbrush
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